The End of the Full Circle aka The Actual End to the Last Blog Post

In my last post about this morning’s devotional time, I started off on this thought trail regarding Paul and my take that “I wonder if Paul knew I would be reading this…” Then I got into telling you about my patience and forgiveness scriptural math, ended that loop and hit publish.

Read it after publishing (which is my process… it means things don’t make sense sometimes… deal with it :) ) and realized I didn’t explain why I felt further sure of why keeping that seemingly juvenile thought was actually on point.

So the words I got in my quiet time were Titus… 3….6….9…etc anyway – 15 was one of them and, as I read it, I felt absolutely full sure and confident. Here’s the verse. Let’s see if you can guess why I loved it:

“Everyone with me sends you greetings” Titus 3:15

Again, I wondered, what if Paul was proof reading his letter (a lesson I may consider incorporating proof reading blog posts, but whatever) and the folks with him were like “yes! I love that! what a great letter.. SEND OUR GREETINGS” and what if they INTENDED on this being a life long letter? What if they knew that – in speaking to the human condition then that they were speaking to the human condition ongoing?

And just like that, I felt like this connection to this group of people somewhere in time just like… saying what’s up to me.

I find it really supportive and it feels super real. The end.

Hashtag full circle.


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