About Mac and Cheese @ On the Cat Couch in Husband’s Office

I don’t normally sit where David is working but he is on a new project and it brings me some sort of comfort to hear him talk about this “custom widget” he is “building for the sidebar” and the way he is pointing stories. Yesterday, I asked him about their pointing while he ate this bomb ass quiche I made. Life is, as they say, a balancing act. And balancing messing around in the kitchen with sounding smart works well for me.

Not that I miss miss tech talk – I just like it. I like being his sounding board. I think it is cute that God prepped me for a developer husband with 8 years of business analyst and product owning experience.

I started a folder on my Google Drive yesterday titled “million dollar ideas” and started setting up docs with requirements for some fun apps. Someday, you will download an app that is our little love child. Lord knows we aren’t having anymore actual children; we might as well make music and apps.

What I am I doing today? Thanks for asking. Let me share…

So, today, I am setting out on a project I have been thinking about for about 4 days: crockpot macaroni and cheese. SEXY RIGHT?!?

There is a genuine risk in this.

The risk is that the children love the homemade macaroni and cheese and I have cast my destiny to making a weekly batch of pasta that involves shredding 16 ounces of cheese when the organic Aldi’s brand was fine.

The reward is that the children love the homemade macaroni and cheese and I get it to add it to the list of things they like best when I make them.

Go me.

Spoiler: the love language I respond best to receiving is “words of affirmation”. :)

At this point, I have now consulted about 4 different recipes for the macaroni and cheese. I have evaporated milk. I have cheddar cheese – sharp, top shelf – cheese. I have a decision to make about amounts of milk and number of eggs. And I have a decision to make on whether I am going to let the crockpot melt and blend or if I want to do that first.

There is a mounting amount of pressure to think this through – namely because, in the creative process of cooking, if you have good taste buds – you can’t go wrong if you just think about it step by step.

But, to my earlier point: worst case scenario is they just say “hey, mom / Erin, go with the store bought brand” and I’m off the hook.

Wish me luck. I’ll let you know how it goes. I never did find out “why five”, by the way. Still paying attention though.


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