“Rice to Beet Blue” @ Thinking About a Salad I made – Kitchen Table, Bellingham

Made a salad yesterday and it is for real "a keeper". Sharing because sharing is caring and you'll really love it, I promise. Start with making a little rice base. I used brown rice and cooked the rice in a combo of water and pineapple juice and threw in a vegetable boullion cube for fun. [...]

Nice Wide Turns @ David’s Office in Bellingham 8.4.20

Feeling compelled to write current thoughts after a lunch break comprised of kundalini yoga for the hips & a piece of sea salt caramel dark chocolate. One of the main themes in my personal evolution is letting go of the need to address change in others. There are things I want our kids to learn [...]

Prayer Life

I cried at work yesterday. Heavy sighs. Mental block. Exhaustion. In hindsight, though it was in the privacy of my basement studio, it was a childish reaction. I'm sitting on my front steps. I moved a wreath of dried herbs and flowers to the hook on my 100 year old front door and it looks [...]