September. The weather starts to shift in a subtle, black licorice manner. I begin wondering if I know how to spell licorice right when I start describing the weather that way. And routine settles in – kids in school, all the jeans hanging in the closet, one scarf picked for that day when you need it over a thin long sleeved shirt. It’s the very beginning of fall – a little dawning shift. And I eat it up. Every year. I pour my heart and soul into plans for the fall, dreams of the winter. I know now, at 35 years old, the better I set my life and attitude in September, the cozier my January is when I’m cold and looking for the right present moment opportunity to sit by a fire and connect with my kids. So, here I am, in a post Labor Day flux of preparation. My heart is ready. Hope yours is too. XO, erin