You know when you realize there are just simply “things you know”?

Or when you realize there are just simply “things you love”?

Or – better yet – when you come into the realization that there are things you do well?

That’s me. At nearly 40 years old, I am a retired corporate yogi (I worked 16 years in corporate America with a yogic point of view), I am an actual yoga teacher (restorative meditation) and a mother (of 5). 

My soul though? I am a writer and a traveler.

I am building a garden. Expanding in a minimalist mentality and really curious about innovation. 

Most importantly? Even in my challenges, I am




grateful for my life.

I have family and friends. Readers and Students. All who support these aspects of my life.

I hope you find something helpful here in this blog. Check out Ways to Pray for posts that open up life experience into a spiritual opportunity.

Exploring the United States has travel moments and word portraits of people I have seen. I highlight my favorite places and churches in the cities I love.

Technicolor Living is the site’s backbone – where you will find all sorts of stories on intentional living and perspective shifts.

Home and Garden is my stretch goal for myself – to share quick blips that I am learning in wonder woman home ownership that maybe will save you some time or a dime. I am exploring a home kitchen brand (16th and Pacific) and enjoy writing recipes online. 

Raising Daughters has stories, songs and reflections from 15 years of experience raising daughters and being one. My goal as a mother and as a woman is to embody fun, creative, independent and respectful, cautious and social as a lifestyle. Now that I am married and my two daughters have expanded to four, given me the step mother role title and also the opportunity to influence a male; this category is evolving and will likely move to paid content in the future. 

Lastly, Yoga and Ayurvedic Living – as a 200 RYT Yoga Teacher with over 4 years of teaching experience, I offer here yogic teachings from philosophy to poses. New to Ayurvedic studies, I hope to share stories of balancing and healing as I apply teachings to my seemingly Kapha life. :)

All in all, I have had this blog for years with hundreds of posts that I have taken down from public view and are currently in draft form, anxiously awaiting republication. I have changed SO much since I first started exploring myself through an active blog and I am excited to republish old posts with an evolved lens.

Thank you so much for being here and welcome to Frozen Spaghetti – a blog named after my mother’s resourcefulness: making batches of homemade spaghetti and freezing them so that even on weeks where money was stretched tight; we had a homemade meal that was simmered and seasoned with love.

Glad you are here :) There is so much that is woven into each day of my life and this blog is my quilt.

Talk with you later,