Unapologetically Present – 7.2 @ Bellingham… in bed.

I wanted to be a meteorologist for quite a portion of my childhood life until I learned that they did not get to pick the weather. Though I expected there had to be some ratio of rainy days to sunny days, that I was going to have to pick "freezing" one day just because, I [...]

A Shrimp Taco Away – 7.1 @ Bellingham House Kitchen

It is amazing to me how many ideas I have on how to control things. I have had half a million ideas on how to control the food in this household in the last half hour alone (each time prompting the first line of this blog post). I have had ideas on how to curb [...]

Take A Little Time @ Elizabeth Sation in Bellingham

A sip of beer tastes especially good when it’s on a day off of work. A staycation of sorts, David told me for the second work day in a row that he was “out of office”. I smiled. “Wait, really?” He’s off today?? “Well yeah babe, I took the whole week off when I realized [...]