I came on about an hour or so ago to write a little something but was distracted by a teacher email giving notice that a long awaited batch of grades had been posted. If you are parenting a child during this global pandemic, you know this moment of truth quite well. This is when you [...]

All Saints Day Devotion & Meditation

Sit in a quiet space. See to it that you feel a great amount of comfort, as guided by your intuition. You can do this meditation on a person you have lost personally or on behalf of somebody you know who is grieving. You do not have to know the person personally to be able [...]

Towel Update @ Sitting with a Smoothie

Today, on my bathroom rounds, I had the surprise of (count ‘Em) *two* towels on the mini shelf in the main floor 2nd bathroom. Now, I want to thank you all for the outpouring of support and encouragement after my last post about the towels @ coffee on the couch – saint louis. And I [...]