5.NoCluetheDate – Hedge Trimming @ Bellingham

I’m convinced you might not fully know somebody until you have seen them with hedge trimmers. ...Matter of fact, you may not fully know yourself until you have seen yourself with hedge trimmers.... Though we likely are not starting a landscape business anytime soon, we indeed had our way with some overgrown shrubs, trees, bushes, [...]

5.3 the smell of this house reminds me of summer @ Bellingham, WA

I hear my future husband tuning his guitar. When I started this post, I was about to get in the shower after a breezy drive through Idaho (never been, beautiful and other worldly, my God), into and up Washington, landing in 63 degree sunshine. I felt my honey’s battery change to having a little lightning [...]

5.3 – The Evolution de la Cooler @ Somewhere in Idaho

I’ll be honest - I am quite proud of my ability to quickly sort and make up a cooler bag like a puzzle that will provide for an efficient on the road food service. Matter of fact, not only am I proud of it - I *enjoy it thoroughly*. I’ll think about what I’m going [...]