Instructions: Pink Eye in The House

This is simply an informative post on how I kept pink eye contained to my little daughter in a household of 4. I found this today when sorting through receipts from the past, cleaning out the file. I recall now having such success in managing the house through the episode that I wrote it all [...]

San Fran, CA – 2019 (SFO)

Have you seen Ellen lately? This is her back in June - perfectly packed - at ease on our BART commute to Union Square for a 46 hour stint in San Francisco. This picture is so rich to me. And perhaps I am reflecting on her because I have been in her room doing some [...]

Showing Up Prayer

Empower and motivate us to show up - for our spirituality, with our gifts and for our community. Creatively - practically - financially - help us show up.. for the world - for justice - in small ways (looking another straight in the eye) to big, bold statements - politically - motivate us to show [...]