Thé Art of Fluid Living

(And why not to ever set your iPhone to French as it will never stop auto correcting your English…)

I am staring at the remaining 45 minutes of a spring cleaning task I am glad I am doing today.

David and I just had a Saturday lunch date and this is our « kid free » weekend. I put kid free in quotes bc, when you’re a parent, you’re never really kid free. For example: I’m organizing their snack boxes, planning their lunches in the back of my mind and figuring out just how much detail I’m going to give them regarding the kitchen and organizational changes I am making relative to their needs and daily uses.

Kara, if you read this, the smoothie maker is now in the cabinet next to the plates. Beaucoup plus facile!

I have made and taken a couple calls about my self hatred comments. Oi. I am actively processing out of it and smiling at how this process really is my process. The more I call out and discuss what’s going on in my head, the faster I get on to the next.

« Nirvana in no time » should be the title of my memoir. Wink wink as the irony is in the fact it’s a life long, ongoing process.

I talked to one of my favorite encouragers last night, Dana. I remembered how my mental dismantling of corporate America is literally the time waster opposite to my book.

(Which I started chapter two of this morning….)

Ok he is active and building a shelf actually he is hugging me and just gave me a kiss #newlyweds but nonetheless all signs I should get things done.

And stop overthinking how it all fits together… stop planning the order of events… and rather I shall start fitting it all together and write it as it happens.

The art of fluid living.

Live from our kitchen is our latest hit song “I lost my beer”


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