So, How Was Your Tuesday?

Alternate title: Not letting any negative thoughts in

It’s Tuesday night. I have a face mask on and am playing with hair color. My kids are at their dad’s. I voted. I really need to clean out my fridge but am contemplating letting all of that sit for Saturday. If I weren’t getting my kids a little early this week, I totally would.

I really need to make a fresh to do list. Things are ramping up at work and I know that I will do an awesome job waiting till the last minute (why would that tactic fail me now?) but also know that I will kill it if I up the ante a little bit.

I am leading a conference in September and am starting to thread the path together of how I will lead about 100 IT personnel through about 40 capabilities that need to be supported at the end of our effort.

This month also marks the last month I teach on Monday nights.

So it is kind of like I am simultaneously speeding up and slowing down – all while staying – well, positive.

As I started to peck around my dishes (ps you have no idea how fast I am typing because this dye needs to come out), I started harping on myself about the blog and what is the point and nobody comments and isn’t it stupid that I wrote an invitation to comment in my last post and nobody did and I should I edit it.

And I shut that down. No. Negative Thoughts.

For whatever reason, I got the momentum to write, easy – breezy – posts. I have readers. You GUYS ARE THERE I SEE YOU. And I love you. Talk to me! Tell me you think this is crap. Or that you think it is golden.

This is the start of my blog. It’s the resurrection. Well – it will be the full rebirth when I have a new title.

Praying on that.

Okay – see you two shades darker.


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