airports and big rocks @ my parents’ house on a spring day

last night i asked david for his thoughts on me buying a plane ticket and immediately cancelling it just to buy a plane ticket. just now, sitting on my parents’ screened in porch on a march day where the sun and the breeze work together to both comfort and remind you of your need for comfort, i had a pulse of longing for that way you feel when you deplane, work your way through that familiar yet unfamiliar corridor with your suitcase of exactly what you believe you need for however long you planned for.

it’s a feeling of novelty meeting intimacy and exploration using roots. travel. travel, i love you.

on my instagram story this morning, i shared how – in surveying my mom’s backyard for a place to sit and do a little reading and doodling – i realized my obvious choice of: on the creek bed rocks. i shared some of my favorite sits across malibu, ojai, palo verdes, washington state bays, florida beaches.

pretty sure it was after that little picture hunt i had my craving for an airport, that feeling of my travel charms against my chest and the smell of whatever essential oil i chose to accompany my journey. the feel of too much starbucks, a new time zone and the excitement – focus – and anxieties of travelers around me.

i love people. the people i meet on travel have a special folder in my icloud. confident young girls, old graceful men, foreign women who are beyond elegant in their simple cosmopolitan ways. the sunglasses, the water bottles, the caps. the shoes.

i always notice peoples shoes when traveling. i take pictures of my hikers by rocks. i marvel at who people are when in common commute: who are you and why are you going where i am going? though not the one who initiates conversation; i might ask you a question or offer a thread of thought, of appreciation, or compliment.

i think travel is when the real spiritual work of moving people from one place to another happens. it’s an ancient thing: moving from one coordinate to another. and the astonishing truth that a moment with a stranger can change a person’s life, an annoying stranger can give you the patience life lesson of a lifetime, a new food or cultural attribute can inspire a whole new chapter in your life.

i have always said i love travel because it allows you to see yourself against a different backdrop than your ordinary one. things you love and did not realize you love, you will find when you travel. the things you do consistently – that are a part of your being – you do when you travel. the things you need more of in your life, you come across and cherish when you travel. you become when you travel.

today? i traveled to my mom’s creek. i read a myth about how two constellations came to be based on native american folklore. i laid out a half of one of my poems for my publishing project. i drank coffee. i felt chills.

where will you travel today to feel something different? to love what you love? to be who you are?

“The Most Excellent Way” @ Monday Devotion time in my study

One of the best most helpful things a spiritual coach told me in all of this life upheaval is that as a woman designed in Gods image, when I create – I must remember I am reflecting an aspect of the divine. To therefore treat the time as worship and be humble in my pursuits, gentle to receive direction and open minded in what creative project the Lord may be asking of me that may or may not align with my own plans.

After returning home from high school drop offs, I made a quick brain dump of what I would like to do to, what I need to do, etc.

There is cohesion in my various threads of thought – so that is hopeful. There is also a serious need to sit and do the things relative to each thread of thought and this consistency to sit is the common denominator. So get this –

Today, instead of thinking “I only have two hours to get all this work done”, I thought to myself “I only have a 2 hour work day – isn’t that lucky?”

I showered and got dressed and made the man a plate of fruit and peanut butter. I considered the track from our room to my study “my commute” and didn’t make the bed… bc there might be traffic. And I wanted to be in the office on time.

“Oh so now she starts caring”, all former bosses and coworkers who read this blog collectively groan. Again… time and attendance, not my speciality.

I’m in my devotional / reflective time and in lighting incense and sitting with my mind space, I got the word “love” on which to ponder and ground myself for the day.

Naturally, I went to 1 Corinthians 13 (a classic) but found myself smiling at the unexpected refreshing-ness of the lead in to 13, “…and now I will show you the most excellent way”.

The way of love. A way that only is when you are actively spirit led. However that is for you and your intuitive self and body – however that is for your conscious breath and attendance to yourself.

The way of love is the most excellent way. Just love the simplicity for today.

Now to work, I don’t want to catch myself on my phone.

PS David brought me home a strip of white board on Saturday 😍

a little writing warm up

Not only as precursor to a writing event in my near future (albeit it is still a toss up between notes to friends, astrology bible study post (with a personal deadline of publishing to the 4 dedicated readers of that email distro) or (hopefully) a little fiction). Hashtag how many parathesis can one use in a two sentence paragraph. Hashtag Hi Delene. (Hashtag Editor.)

This post is also a refreshed commitment of sorts.

I am down in my study packed with necessities with a plan to be here for 4 maybe 5 hours. First thing on my mind to share is a deep thought scribble on the back of a check somebody wrote me for Jan and Feb yoga classes.

It goes like this:

  • If you believe somebody “likes to” “drive you crazy. Then, in theory, the best approach would be one aimed to manage the body’s reactions to triggers, use breath and grounding stances / practices ahead, during and after engaging with said somebody. Thus eliminating the variable of “crazy” from the equation. If you can’t be driven crazy, they can’t have the satisfaction of driving you such.
  • If you believe somebody “likes to” then the opposite must be true: You like to do things as well. What do you like to do? Do you get any satisfaction from establishing any kind of positioning with others? Do you roll your eyes at people? Do you get annoyed when they don’t do what you want them to do? Do you cut people off when they are speaking? Dismiss or counter their opinion immediately without listening? Do you walk away from hard conversations? Easy ones? Do you offer opinions unsolicited? Do you ever forget that the person you are dealing with has a life behind both of your eyes where they are allowed their selfs, their whole life, without the judgement or validation of you?
  • If any of those things are true in even one slight degree of truth, you probably drive somebody crazy. The question is: do you like it? If so – health check your ego. Fit check? I think is what the teens are saying.
  • Lastly, in theory, if you believe somebody likes to drive you crazy, then it must be true that you allow others to drive your experience. Though to some degree, this is unavoidable in life; in many degrees it is possible to self advocate, set boundaries and contain agency.

Here is what else is going on:

There is a Director job posted for a communications type role in my *home town* home town. I would be lying if I told you I didn’t think twice about it. I did. And a third time to boot (in which I was wearing a navy blue blazer with my hair pulled back, making excuses for my nails and admiring my new glasses). I sure do love parentheses lately. Anyway, from a mentality standpoint, I am paying attention to whether or not I rage against the whole of the corporate machine (I am the CEO, I really can’t work anywhere) or if I could get into a flow leading a part of something; like Public Engagement for City Hall. So that is interesting to observe.

I recorded a class today that will go live on Sunday… Valentines. It is virtual only and goes live at 7p central (aka Chicago’s time zone) on Sunday. I wrote it so that it could be done in bed if one so desired. And I love it. Legitimately love it. Key word: patience. If any body is interested that reads this (thank you, by the way) use the contact form and give me the email address and first / last name you want to use and comment “valentines restorative class” and I’ll register you for class. The link you get will be good for 24 hours and – for first timers, it’s on me (and the studio) as we would love to have you.

That is pretty much it. Warm up complete. Time to build intensity…. :) erin