5.NoCluetheDate – Hedge Trimming @ Bellingham

I’m convinced you might not fully know somebody until you have seen them with hedge trimmers. ...Matter of fact, you may not fully know yourself until you have seen yourself with hedge trimmers.... Though we likely are not starting a landscape business anytime soon, we indeed had our way with some overgrown shrubs, trees, bushes, [...]

5.6 Yoga Reflection @ My Bedroom Floor

Dedicated to Julie, Jackie and Emily. As a people person, I relish in connection. When my invitations to dinner bring people around the same table for the first time, yes. When I think it is the first time and I hear "no, actually - we met before at that thing - at that party - [...]

5.5.20 – Rock Hunting and Reflection @ Whatcom Falls Park

Yesterday, for home school, I took Kara and Maddox across to Whatcom Falls Park. Just to walk, try to find the baby ducks we saw the other day, and to hunt for both yellow and fuzzy dandelions. For Kara to practice making a Daisy Crown and for Maddox to “wish Coronavirus goes away tomorrow”. As [...]