Take A Little Time @ Elizabeth Sation in Bellingham

A sip of beer tastes especially good when it’s on a day off of work. A staycation of sorts, David told me for the second work day in a row that he was “out of office”.

I smiled. “Wait, really?” He’s off today??

“Well yeah babe, I took the whole week off when I realized you still were.”

I had imagined this whole week being one of him in pockets of hours in the basement, coming up for meals and early happy hours and loading up kayaks. That sounded fun, but it’s even better now that our week is now getting day dates, 1pm beers, new walks and mornings where we get to finish the movie we started the night before and drink coffee under a blanket well past 7:30.

I am thinking so many thoughts: about my zoomer daughter, step-parenting steps, Covid world beauties like lots of space and clean everything. I’m thinking about dynamics in relating and ping pong balls, peaks of sunshine and foggy grey fern lined walks.

But mainly – I’m thinking of how relationships really do grow. You really do find partnership out of friendship. Slap happiness and teamwork, poetry and Oregon chai lattes.

More pictures of the kids at some point – that’s it for now :)

Day date at Elizabeth Station
Picked the beer for its label


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