5.NoCluetheDate – Hedge Trimming @ Bellingham

I’m convinced you might not fully know somebody until you have seen them with hedge trimmers.

…Matter of fact, you may not fully know yourself until you have seen yourself with hedge trimmers….

Though we likely are not starting a landscape business anytime soon, we indeed had our way with some overgrown shrubs, trees, bushes, etc.

It all started with me wanting to clear out a pad for a little fern + silver heart + begonia garden. Hours later, we had scuffle hoe’d the heck out of what is now set up to be a sweet shade garden complete with a stone bench, European smoke bush and snowball climbing hydrangeas.

The back of the truck is packed with limbs and David and I are sitting on the front deck. “I like having two houses…” he just said to me.

I thought the same thing this morning. As we were pulling things out and I was checking out the fungus on this tree, right where the trunk was begging me to put some violets, I thought “I can’t wait to go and see my ferns at Webster… curious what has grown…”

As David was trimming this bush with full artistic abandon, I couldn’t help but laugh.

Trimming hedges gives you the opportunity to taste the freedom of not over thinking yet, also, feel compelled by the idea of what might be a little bit better if thought about *for just a moment*?

I took over the trimmer out of pure curiosity and relished in the hilarity of all the ideas: I could make this bush into a shape… how about a “C”…. why not our initials… sharing with David, laughing at our reckless landscaping that was making everything look better… touched, at least… seen.

The fall seems the same way to me: schools still distance learning? What’s best for each kid? What will travel look like and feel like? What does each house look like in its ability to comfort and house 7 people at once?

For as far as I can see, we have two houses in two places. Two gardens and two front doors. Two fridges that need milk, eggs and ribeyes and two master bedrooms where we both want to be at the same time.

It means double the thought (at least more than we put into this sorry ass shrub in our front yard) but it also means double the opportunity and ideas.

All to explore, together, for sure. 

I love him so much.
Here’s the cool tree that was begging for a violet
Cleared out and ready for some plants!!!
Omg a favorite forever
This was the end of a three year battle… he wants it in this post


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