Opening Up About 16 Years

My box from Enterprise came today. The little pieces of my years at work collected in one pretty heavy cube shaped box. Acquisitions, certifications, jobs thrown for, people managed, gifts received, business cards saved, nail polish once loved but probably not good anymore.

Fun little boxes with pictures of my daughters speckled along my favorites of all the notebooks: my dreams, my ideal jobs, my pitches, my love for people – customers – my hopes to be an adopted Taylor.

Somewhere in that box is a review or two from Kristi… beloved mentor, manager and friend.

I think one of the things that hurts is the outpouring of support and recognition I received for being “one of the brightest” and yet seeing the notes and business plans for two… three of those “bigger jobs” I threw for. Business Plans that stole time from my 4 year old, 6 year old then 8 year old, 10 year old to go for it, to demonstrate it: be a boss, get on that path to the VP gig. Bringing my family to work parties where there are rides, BBQs, fountains and sunshine.

For the ball games and hockey games with work people who are your people; adorned with family-esque loyalty and trust.

Needless to say: I did not get those jobs.

I evolved in my role, I out performed it, I grew tired… a little bored… then I got married and, with that, got a vision of a garden and family. The corporate ideas once had felt minor compared to the ideas for the house in the Pacific Northwest, the Webster studio, the music… the music… the music. Winning a Grammy more obtainable than a Director level job. “Let’s get this one life”, David and I thought.

Back to this morning. I continued through the box and came across my portfolio and feel this immense pride.

…in my Visio skills… in my practical way of laying things out… in my ability to communicate what matters.

As I manage this household and balance ideas of task orientation (dishes / laundry), personal progress and performance (teens / sports / school), communication and administration of feedback (all of our emotional / social growth) with this idea of compassionate rebounding (the spiritual unfolding), team work (blending family) and ongoing support and love (because hashtag you got one life. love your neighbor) I realize – should I ever return to the corporate world – my resume will be stocked with more than sufficient quality personnel leadership experience.

5 Human Beings.

Under jurisdiction in which I am a main influencer.

How much more satisfying will my thriving other worldly bubble be than a realized daydream of afternoon sunlight pouring into an executive office on Corporate Park drive? We will see.

With the right song and mindset I think maybe I could have it all, you know? But – right now I guess I just want the one next, best thing:

an established rhythm so I can work on my book(s).

Okay. That felt good to write. Love you all.

Secure COVID Approach Idea

It has been a minute since I wrote in “Local Press”.

Was listening to NPR this morning and lots of news about states’ varying COVID approaches to distributing vaccinations. Afterward, when sitting down for the morning to write, I found myself reflecting on what I would like in regards to COVID Testing and Vaccinations.

As a citizen, it is easy to feel at the mercy of the man, at the mercy of a wise leader. And, to a certain extent we are. But when that position hears options as the only options and doesn’t sit and think and speak for what is good for them, their family and their community? Eh…. that’s why I started Local Press. As some sort of entry way into saying what I think about things that matter to everybody.

COVID Testing: I don’t have limitless funds like Kim Kardashian but I do have a similar need: to register a group of family and friends for coordinated testing and quarantined travel in order to celebrate life events. It’s an amazing thing she did for people with her executive coordination and communication abilities. So, how about this?

I can submit a family and friend application for Coordinated Testing and Travel. There is an agency, of real people, who see me and my crew through the end. All parties take responsibility and are liable should they misstep the terms and conditions. With this approach, I can celebrate my wedding, I can hug my mother, I can launch something for my small business. Seems great, right?

COVID Vaccination: It seems odd to me, in the news, that vaccinations – which require two doses – are just popping up here and there. Some states good, some states not good. Concerns about maintaining the temperature, coordinating the second dose, and prioritizing frontline, at risk, the rest of us seems – logistically – like quite the puzzle. So, how about this?

I can submit an application for vaccinated pod. I can be a group of nurses, a group of Shipt workers, a group of Uber Drivers, a group of flight attendants, a group of teachers, a group of administrators, a group of any known people who need to be mobile together in the public for the betterment of all we are getting used to. Restaurant workers, bartenders, waitresses, actresses, musicians, entertainers – they can submit as well. There should be some sort of notation of these things that you received in your taxes, and you should be rewarded if you are in a public service role or education because, my GOD, have you had a year. If you have more than 2 children in your household who were virtual for fucking *any amount of time* while you had to work at home, you should get a tax credit of $5k that is a deposit into a vacation savings amount good for Universal, Disney, Six Flags and Hotel, etc. Cities should be *all over this* and investing in infastructure that can handle a safe and happy FLOW for tourist season.

I am a born traveler. I have traveled my whole life. I have slept since August under the same four corners. I either need to start camping or painting to change things up. I look forward to moving about the country (hopefully the world) when the time comes.

These are just a couple of ideas to get society there.

Stay safe out there and UNDERSTAND the news, don’t just read it. erin

This has been an entry of Local Press: a type of post I do from time to time where I offer a flow of thoughts on the news and what’s happening without editing or spinning or thinking too much about it. From time to time, I learn rapidly and humbly after posting. For that, I encourage private feedback on the ideas. If you like it and want to talk more about it, this is the way to do it as well. In general, I get a lot of encouragement to share ideas with the world so…. here ya go.

Fly in the Mouth @ The Intersection of Relaxation and You Gotta Be Kidding Me – Webster

Hold on – I need to brush my teeth with Listerine and fire…

k, back..

I finally did a last round through the ole inboxes: making sure I knew my work calendar (blocking myself with tentative forewarning from 8a – 9a “I’ll accept your meeting but may be troubleshooting zoom”) and making sure I knew just what a 2nd grader should be doing during “independent work”.

I truly can’t imagine being a teacher. I had a nice, healthy – helpful response from Maddox’s teacher and I just felt like “man”. She taught these kids all day and is responding to me, on behalf of my kid, in depth. I am just absolutely amazed by their stamina.

I yelled at the girls last night. First time laying into the quad of teens – a signature mom move “I don’t care who, I don’t care when, I don’t want to hear why, I don’t need to know what – all I need is to tell each of you this one time and one time only: go. to. bed.”


Thing is – I don’t do well on little sleep. Any spat David and I have can for sure be assumed to have some degree of “Erin needs to go to bed” at play. My mind gets overwhelmed, I can’t spit words out, I just need people to understand and all I want to do is close my eyes.

So, naturally, when back to school hits and your job as parent becomes: Tech Support, Task Manager, Snack Guardian, Waitress, Secretary, and Accountability Partner (all which are going on my LinkedIn) on top of Cook, Household Operations Manager, General Keeper Upper of Things and Loving Devoted Wife *on top of* a 40 hr week full time job supporting four priority efforts on a team that is new and requiring massive change management communication and your teenagers wake you up at midnight laughing about the internet? Yeah. You take them to task.

If I were a teacher, I think it’s possible I would yell at my students if I was tired.

The one thing I am being careful about is not feeling sorry for myself. I can feel the tendency and I can even, sometimes, feel David’s expectation that maybe I’m in a funk. But even when I am doing something that is not, technically, “my task” – I am doing it not to be proud but because it’s when I need the task done, so I will do it, reminding myself that I am choosing to do it.

I also feel that it is an honor to be trusted with people. Kind of a slap in the face to be be trusted with 3 cats but 6 people? That’s kind of amazing.

And that isn’t me being sunshine and rainbows. I like them feeling both guided towards expectations (really with the Ritz cracker crumbs on the floor? You didn’t see that and clean up after yourself?) as well as cared for and allowed to focus on the things they need to. I care about these things as much as I value a well run house, finished laundry and stocked toilet paper.

I love the feeling of accomplishment, certainty and seeming control that fresh towels in all the bathrooms provides; especially during a global pandemic. During a time where so much is just, well, chaotic; a perfectly folded stack of towels and reliable source of washcloths – inclusive for everybody – is a really meaningful thing to be able to provide.

In a time where I am not “doing my best” only “doing”, towels cleaned and available is my bar.

Ok, my friends. It’s 7:15 and the taste of the fly that drowned in my strawberry, lemon & basil seltzer is finally out of my mouth. The weird “is that taco or is that a fly” sensation still looms a little on my tongue, but it is nothing a four click user path to get to a zoom call link and passcode can’t top as the worst thing ever.

To all the parents out their distant learning, I hope you don’t also have flies in your house.

Honestly? Where did they come from…