Amtrak Slogans

When the Amtrak station attendant announced that our train from Chicago to Saint Louis was delayed for “an undeterminable amount of time”, my sister and I put our best thought forward and came up with the following slogans:

1. Amtrak: Testing people’s patience for years

2. Amtrak: (sigh) Nevermind

3. Amtrak: It’s easier with magnets

4. Amtrak: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

5. Amtrak: Making up our own rules all day long

6. Amtrak: Perhaps they should have trained us

7. Amtrak: Feel free to add a “D” to the beginning

8. Amtrak: Making airfare worth it.

9. Amtrak: Proudly spreading communicable diseases

10. Amtrak: We hate us too

11. Amtrak: That’s what’s supposed to happen

12. Amtrak: We are also confused

13. Amtrak: This is why we let you get drunk

14. Amtrak: Good Luck

15. Amtrak: Hey, what’s up? No, seriously, how ya doing?

16. Amtrak: “Oopsies”

17. Amtrak: We get there eventually

(PS: I actually love riding the train – here is a link to Amtrak’s media!)