5.2 Rainbow Over River @ Missoula, MT

“It’s gorgeous right here”... “This river is so perfect, I love how it’s rushing ” ... David is to my right, fed and musing, looking around the scenery with a cherry brown ale from Miner Brewery. (A Keystone find.) We are showered and on the balcony of our Missoula hotel room. We ordered Uber Eats [...]

5.1.20 Dinner and Dead Presidents @ Keystone, SD

Out of the truck after 9 hours, finally among trees in Black Hills National Forest. Reminds me of Tahoe in some ways, or the winding roads down to Sedona. There were lots of hours with no trees... so here we are now: love the green, love the horizon... love the camp vibe as we veered [...]

5.1.20 On the Road

Started into a podcast this morning when Maddox, our youngest, asked for music for a little bit. He is so sweet, I obliged. As I scrolled for a good easy song to play, I stumbled upon Oceans and said to David, “I think I’ll start us out with a little worship music.” “I really don’t [...]