This One Night in California.

Last week, I left my little annex apartment in a South Californian valley town at dusk with a blanket and a hoodie, a flashlight and my iPhone. I hiked to a clearing in front of the garden and spread out to watch the end of the sunset. I had gone inside to prepare some dinner [...]

Faith in Faithfulness

I think it is easiest to look at a situation we are in, identify what we want to see in our life, come up with a couple of options for how it will play out / what that chapter could look like, and then figure the future will hold one or the other. This makes [...]

408 Months Today!! 

Today is my birthday! I am 408 months old. I know what you're thinking.. "She doesn't look 408 months old!" Ok. Or maybe you're thinking "Erin. Why are you sitting in a basket." Here's the deal. Every single day the Internet provides us "10 things to make us something" for us to read, memes to [...]