Soli Deo Gloria – Where is the stone? 

aerial view of native plant plot

Where is the stone? 

An Easter Reflection from a woman without a church. 

As I made my way through my home this morning, the quiet of the neighborhood streets allowing the birds their sweet morning – the light of spring, the shift in the green, the more fullness of the irises and the tulips and the early hostas… beginning of milkweed… the question of what survived 2022 arrived. The year I stopped gardening after one weekend of planting. I didn’t water. I didn’t try.

And now in the current year? 

Now I am curious. 

In Palm Springs, I began to study Feng Shui for the outside of the home… How to use the elements, the directions, the idea of protection and allowance – invitation and slowness – to gather good energy for the inside of the home & those who dwell within it. 

So my time outside runs along key areas. Always walking – shifting – lining up – considering. I’m into it. And the time already is serving me in both the feeling of accomplishment (why I started gardening to begin with) and the new found feeling of maturity – freedom – and how those both things together calm you down. 

My last round in the garden brought me down to my native plant plot… to a closer look to see… and I noticed in my shuffling through the dirt and the dead, I moved a stone. I saw a stone had moved. And it brought to awareness a ricochet of not just all the other stones I had moved about in my morning time outside today, but to the fact today is Easter. A memorial holiday of one key stone having been moved away. 

I stood up in the green yard in front of my home, I took in the sunshine – again the perfect calm – and the creative energy within me stirred me to write. 

I listened to the birds. 

I came in and made a meal. 

And now, I finish this post before I head back out to see about a fire. 

<deep breath in>

Here I am – in 2023, with the rest of my life in front of me. A husband and two dogs in my home with the back door open, the smell of popcorn & sound of Premier League next to the dishwasher, the rearranged family photos next to the things placed in my home as prayers, for our future – for my family – for our earth. 

Our stars. 

And all the things in it. 


Easter is about life. And not as in the whole “a life worth living” thing, at least – for me…

Life are blues (like the perfect blue) and greens. 

Air and water, warmth and change. 

Heat and transformation. 

And being an Easter Person? 

Is about being alive in life.

On that note… a big glass of water and the perfect sunshine await. 

How is Easter showing you new?

How are you feeling?

May the sun radiate hope and warmth for you.

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