Lenten Practices

Back in October, I started brainstorming what I was going to do to observe Lent.

Traditionally a “big season” for Yoga Underground, my LLC, I thought a lot about a Lenten Lifestyle offering where I align my understanding of the Yamas in yoga (restraints) with the actual factual teachings of the Christ.

I like calling Jesus “the Christ” as I heard a Buddhist friend refer to him this way. “Christ” meaning “annointed one”, you can’t really deny that regardless of what you believe and where you stand on the Christian spectrum, there was something kind of big about the guy.

Anyway, all the sudden it is March 2nd and I am finishing a cup of coffee after a 37 minute walk with the dogs. The morning is sunny but cool and I feel a little rushed… my 16 year old wants to go to church today and in her nothing short of demanding way about her communication; has me directed to an 8:45a Catholic mass.

Lent has officially begun and I have no plans to publish anything about practical spiritual practices under any kind of official umbrella. But, does that take me off the hook from practicing something?

Traditionally, you give up something for the 40 days of Lent and then enjoy it on Easter. Coffee for sure is not going anywhere and I am kind of thinking differently about Lent this year, anyway. I was actually kind of thinking about using the Yamas, the restraints, to guide an overall evolution – restraining from things that I do not intend to invite back.

Things like saying “oh my gosh that is so annoying” when I am not actually annoyed, for example. Or – noticing when I could easily judge somebody for their way of doing something and how that creates a whole conversational thread when I do and restraining from even allowing that thought to bud. People just do things ways I might not do them, ways I would prefer they did not. If it is important enough, offer the boundary, the direction, but keep the opinion formless.

Restraining in these ways – I know for a fact – will strengthen my mind overall.

So, maybe we just do it here? On Frozen Spaghetti? A daily Lenten practice of reflection on the restraints…

Think about it. And – if you are reading this – please comment or say hi or something below. Tell me what you are giving up for Lent or if you are even aware of Lent. Okay… off to get my ashes.


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