A Note to Friends and Family and to their Friends and Family and to theirs and so on:


I think my point has been made: through you. Through the people that I know you know, there is a love and a light and a happiness.

You know from your years and your loss and your life, what hope feels like, what joy feels like and what like – that bigger thing, that needed thing… that *necessary* thing. You know it all. You know there are degrees and nuance in things like life after death.

*And your faith is better for it.

And yet, with that knowledge of the range of human emotion – there is always better understanding to be had.

There will always be the next inevitable truth.

There will always be truth – at minimum – in the fact that there will always be truth.

What is true for me may or may not be true for you so to make my truth matter? To make my truth “truth” lol – I mean, the spirit in me must be generous to give you yours. Regardless of whether or not I choose to partake.

It’s a time of great divide. It is also a time of great attention and great love and great peace and great observing.

Take care of the earth. Pet a dog. Smell a newborn.

Thank you for reading and sharing yesterday. It was good to feel the life of Frozen Spaghetti, my Dittmer namesake…. the place I credit my parents: Terry and Cherie Dittmer for everything good and hard, wonderful and formative, about my early life.

Honor your father and mother.

I mean. It makes so much sense. :)

So, with that – I thank you. And encourage you. And appreciate your reading and sharing – once again, thank you. This really is “my great coming together” – or, at least my best attempt.

Ok. On to Apple Tree Magic…. that creative thing I am doing.

Pre Orders are available for the Devotional that launches 4/17

New items in my shop

Support the arts, love the artists! Recycle. Smile. The whole thing.


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