Your Occurrences

“Hey Google, what’s an occurrence?”

An incident or event.


So the other day, my inner critic of my world reported in “it doesn’t occur to anybody to rinse their bowl and put it in the dishwasher.”

I felt the power drain and my victim self rise up in perfect indignation and – as I looked out the window over my kitchen sink – I realized *this* mentality is what prevents some nights from being parties. Full on music blasting dance party parties.

At 40, it’s such an engrained part of my heart that my emotions and thoughts work quickly together. I can seem so sad, so moody, so quickly. And, maybe there is truth to that, right? Maybe it should occur to people who they are leaving their like – actual dirty thing – for.

Am I their housekeeper? Am I the maid?

So – no, actually. I am the mom and the martha. I am the guide and the hostess. I am the ultimate little red hen (Chinese rooster mix) which makes me like – kind of a perfectionist about creating experience in the home: fresh pies and candles, cool plates and napkins, a little something for everybody and that thing that makes you wonder, feel more at ease or just simply relax.

(BTW – THANKS MOM! :) You’re amazing, Cherie Dittmer.

And then add to that, my father’s legacy of family and fellowship and fun that runs through my veins? I mean. Leave the table early and I might need to pray lol

So, as a newly married woman of 2 years this year… as a mother biologically speaking of whatever the power to the 16 years of my oldest times the almost 14 years of my youngest divided by the 5 human spirits and people under the age of 18 all then additionally powered by my years, my own awareness of time – my own lessons of grief and love – my own personal loss and the way I feel – well – this MAGNITUDE – of human emotion. THIS ABSOLUTE TIDAL WAVE OF LOVE FOR PEOPLE.


I have like 300 best friends. I have like thousands of women and men through my world that believe in greater good and believe in helping people. And I care about each one of these people individually which allows me to cut to this common core: time is running out.

Also? Time is relative.

Who do you care about? What do you value? (Thanks Apple Watch mindfulness app…)

How can you report in you spent yesterday?

Were you crying over the lack of love you feel in your mind and missing the love present in your home?

Were you picking to fight over picking up the pieces? Finding JOY and finding LOVE and finding HOPE and being THAT PERSON who makes it easy to be messy and be human and be difficult.

Listen, there are A LOOOOOOOOOOOOOT of people sabotaging this concept. There are people in charge of people sabotaging this concept. There are literally millions and billions of people and dollars who sabotage this concept of love and purity and light and moving forward knowing that there is something bigger and greater that connects us all and this BIG GREAT THING – this big huge perfectly organized and spaced out string of power is for everybody. For all lives. For all animals. For all oceans. For all mountains. For all green prairies and rolling hillsides and perfect mornings and sunsets and sunrises and my god – those rare nights of watching each star come out one by one bc the light pollution is gone.

Who do you love?

What God to you serve?

Are you making life a little better for somebody?

Have you been honored with caring for the life the actual Maslow bottom rung for another human?

Then. Let it occur to you. And take no offense in what is not occurring to others.

For there is goodness in the land of the living. There is new life today. And we owe it to whatever is in our reach to let it be loved.

See you later. Pray for my next book. It’s stuck and needs a change of perspective.



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