Testing, Testing, 1 – 2 – 3

For starters, let me just say that I know people who get this and this particular Frozen Spaghetti pod is very special to my heart and so I thank you, very much, for the encouragement you show to my writing, my way of thinking and – in general – encouraging me to exist in my exact possible way.

I am in the final countdown to putting the email to my contacts out into the world. My goal is to send it to 100 people directly. Every time I add a person to the list, banking on them remembering they said I could add them, I question myself in just a little way.

It’s never full on doubt. Or lack of confidence or love of Words that Rhyme and Lullabies. It’s not really the whole “am I ready” for this thing, because – “what is this anyway” and / also, I was born ready.

But what it is is something unique to the experience of sharing with both hope and aspiration, with both “this is for me and my spirit” while believing in the way it connects with others.

What will this mean? What will my experience of numbers be? How can I communicate upfront about what exactly when there are still so many unknowns even about the coming months.

And – there you have it – I just need to know a little bit more. It’s time for the old give and take.

So I will be sending this email, coming soon to an inbox near you, that will introduce you to my first official creative work, pave the ways for the ways I am going to share it in its full color and dimension: audio, storytelling, baby holding, prayer.

I had a pulse of “nobody will want the last one” with a response of “or maybe everybody will”.

These three volumes of Words that Rhyme of Lullabies span the human experience as I know it thus far: infant hood, wonder, love and connection. Curiosity, identity and (yes) a little bit of trouble in volume 2, out Christmas 2022. Lastly, the final stages of life… the heart, grief and infatuation.

My first book is going to be sent to the printer next week and I will be better for it… having arrived in some way.

For now, just know I’m a little nervous. And I am thankful for this blog, Frozen Spaghetti – the name of my 8th grade autobiography – and the way it works as my shoebox on the internet; available to store ideas, feelings and – in general – whisper into.

If you are not yet on my mailing list or not sure if you are, go ahead and give me your details here. And forgive my lack of branding. I am under major construction. :)


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