This is kind of a pressure test post.

Growth in the area of mental clarity and independence of voice is typically marked in what I feel when writing about my personal life in coordination with colleagues, vice presidents and corporate leader types who have access to my online writing.

So, having been retired from corporate life since November 20th, having had the marker of the new year mixed with my personal transition now passed – let’s see how it goes….

I meet with my editor on Friday. Her name is Delene. I have two writing projects that “battle” for my creative attention:

  1. Children of the Lake – a young adult adventure story.
  2. Words that Rhyme & Lullabyes – a grassroots piece of long lasting literature that should make any child or inner child, wonder – whimsy and sing*. (*Potentially :)

My brother is recording an album and David and I have both been supporting him in the recent week. Through both sharing of music and singing together as well as listening to tracks and offering that family type uplifting directional support.

Corporate ideas still do spring up, but I am learning to recognize them early and put them to bed. I do believe I have a strong ability to influence and I do believe I have literally fantastic ideas for Google and Apple and Enterprise and the US Government and and and BUT. I also have an opportunity to influence a younger generation with comedy, love, and creative arts. And my gut tells me that is what the world needs first.

Ok. That wasn’t so bad. :) And now to make something to eat for my developer husband who was just on one of those calls where they “take 5 while something is running before they come back and continue where they left off”. My life at Enterprise for sure prepared me for my wifehood.

Thanks for reading :)

Oh! Let me know if either of those writing projects call out to you more than the other! Would love to know about interest :)

Thumbs Up of you think “Words that Rhyme and Lullabies” before “Children of the Lake”

3 thoughts on “This is kind of a pressure test post.

    1. Maybe I’ll try and write about perspective, bc that’s where my conflict settles in. Corporate retirement definitely has allowed me to let go of perspectives and debunk some personal myths and also believe in myself where the ladder had me doubting if I « had arrived ». I’ll comment back to you when I write that post. I would be curious for your thought. Thanks for the encouragement.


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