Towel Update @ Sitting with a Smoothie

Today, on my bathroom rounds, I had the surprise of (count ‘Em) *two* towels on the mini shelf in the main floor 2nd bathroom.

Now, I want to thank you all for the outpouring of support and encouragement after my last post about the towels @ coffee on the couch – saint louis. And I would like to invite you deeper into the mystery of the towel on the shelf.

Now, my working theory is that one of the daughters has an aversion to using the same hand towel as other people. Try as I might to offer and assure with the regularity to which this towels are switched out and washed…

That is why I have allowed myself to let the towel remain on the shelf for a day or two. I’m assuming somebody wants it for their use.

BUT. Now – now that we have two towels on the shelf, that tells me this theory can’t be right unless the child grows disgusted of even using their own towel to dry their hands…

Which presents now a different theory, similar to the one I have for the upstairs bathroom, that somebody has a towel preference… right?


It’s a two towel on the shelf kind of Wednesday

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