Lemon Curry Corn Chowder Part 2 @ On the Deck Now – Bellingham

David just got back from a quick run up to Twin Sisters Brewery.

Twin Sisters is not in the top 5 of things I will miss, but top 10 for sure. It has first date spot from my first trip up here plus where I fell in love with malty-beer vibes..

There is this famous drive a little bit south of our house up here called Chuckanut Drive. We stayed at a lookout there once and did the whole art of nothing thing, sat on the perch up in the trees, listened to the water, read, guitar, made up songs and ate from a selection of things I picked up from the bulk foods aisle at Whole Foods. Today reminds me of that day :)

I decided to roast the potatoes (2 fat yukons and a handful of small red ones) in butter, chardonnay, thyme and cinnamon before putting them in with the chowder. The base with the corn is smelling so good. I took it off heat and am letting it chill out for a minute, figure out its identity, before I put the potatoes in – the rest of the wine – bring it to a boil and round it home.

David has apparently taken some master class series on how to not listen to the answers of questions you ask your wife. I am being comical, of course. A different part of my cycle on a not so beautiful day may have me annoyed, but it’s out in the open and we are officially playing a game called “guess thing thing you just agreed to” where I check in that he was thinking with head, heart and stomach on how willing – for example – he is to wait for chowder.

(I mean, given that we are in a blog series about it, I need to make sure tomorrow at sunrise is an acceptable time to eat… just in case I believe this chowder needs to be set out for some kind of midnight ritual after I sage the kitchen…)

Which reminds me, I am neither drunk nor stoned while writing this. Or while cooking this Christ child of a chowder. One of the great feats of my life will be the day when all who love and surround me accept that I was simply born kind of stoned, with a lot of ideas and – coincidentally – kind of droopy eye lids.

He is snacking on this thing I made yesterday (grilled jalapenos, yellow peppers, shrimp and onions with angel hair pasta, lemon and capers) and just asked me to hang on to that recipe. Recipe. Smile. Sigh.

I keep these little notebooks in my kitchens (about to be one kitchen, which does have me thinking about which notebook will be kept in the kitchen once we move) that I just write when I am figuring something out. One time I ended up putting popcorn in a stew I had going in the crockpot. That was terrible and that page was ripped out.

We went to Vancouver the next day and redeemed our entire foodie journey by eating our way through Chinatown. (Which I highly recommend…)

Okay – this post has zero point except that writing without edits for this amount of time is how long the potatoes should roast before you mix them in the chowder and round it home.


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