“Rice to Beet Blue” @ Thinking About a Salad I made – Kitchen Table, Bellingham

Made a salad yesterday and it is for real “a keeper”. Sharing because sharing is caring and you’ll really love it, I promise.

Start with making a little rice base. I used brown rice and cooked the rice in a combo of water and pineapple juice and threw in a vegetable boullion cube for fun. There is a red line under boullion but I’m pretty sure that is a word and that it is spelled correctly…

*while the rice was cooking*, I put a strainer *over* the pot and put in peeled and sliced beets. Cut like cute little beet red moons. When the water boiled, I turned the heat to simmer and then put the lid to the pot over the beets, in the strainer, over the rice (and through the woods….)

In a bowl, I ripped up spinach as tiny as I could because I have control issues. Then I crumbled up some goat cheese. Nothing fancy just 365 via Whole Foods.

When the beets were soft, I put them aside to cool while the rice (it was that like 45 minute rice, gah. why) finished up.

I added a couple of handfuls of blueberries to the salad. And a hearty scooping(s) of pine nuts and tossed it together, a lug of olive oil, juice of half of a lemon – squeezed to my heart’s content. Tossed again. Put in the beets and mixed it up.

Put the bright pink rice on the plate and put the salad on top. I suppose it could have been prettier if the goat cheese and the pine nuts were sprinkled on top but I wanted it mixed really well.

David’s favorite bites: a blueberry beet combo

My favorite bites: goat cheese pine nut beet combo

And there you have it “Rice to Beet Blue” – (“Nice to meet you”, obviously) – A Frozen Spaghetti kitchen concept…

:) I would add a picture but we ate it.




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