Erin OS @ Making a Checklist 7.21.20

I have had a really productive two days at work. I am alert, making quick connections and moving things forward. I am getting hours worth of work done in 5 minute sprints, I am relaxing in between, and I am getting my footing on things that have long been a wash.

I am also purging my house, continually updating “life lists”, selling items on my temporary Facebook account (which – omg – Facebook got hard) and updating flights, switching laundry, sitting on the stoop after watering the garden.

The house is a total wreck but there is order in the chaos. And, at some point today between working with a car dealership on a cash offer for my car and brainstorming love it or list it options on the house, I moved two Harry Potter coin purses into a pile next to two throw pillows because “that’s where they went”.

All the while, I have been thinking about Ellen and Lucy and working with Will on what we think is best for their back to school. I moved my flight to have a week with them and just veg, see my mom. That will be nice. We have FaceTimed Aria, Kara and Maddox a couple of times and our “Married Life Business” list has items for them…

Checks benefits site…

Submits life changing event…

Adds two more items to the list to get immunization updates…

Adds item to the list to make ortho appointment…

David has been working and taking showers. He keeps the kitchen clean, is in charge of the coffee and makes routine checks out of the window; noticing how much the grass has grown “probably because of all this rain”.

He poses questions about the sump pump, why Kanye is famous, and whether or not “cars with the boom boom boom” are just a “city life thing”.

Tonight I sat on our gently used West Elm Paige Queen Sleeper (which can be yours for $400) and listened to him while he paced and talked and looked handsome.

He joined me on the couch and I asked him a thematic question about the fall, how we might talk through the ideas on the horizon with the kids.

“Babe, I’ll have to think on that – my brain is not as multithreaded as yours”.

Multithreaded. :)

“In computer architecturemultithreading is the ability of a central processing unit (CPU) to provide multiple threads of execution concurrently, supported by the operating system.” (Wikipedia, obvi)

I am for sure a million miles more productive when I have a lot to execute on. It can make me seem crazy though, preoccupied even, and fast about things.

It’s interesting to have this description from David in our marriage. I can feel this sensation of the reverb “does not compute” when I don’t get the answers I am looking for. But that’s not because I am annoyed.

It’s because I’m executing.


That’s all for now. Buy my stuff on Facebook. :)




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