5.4 Prayer based on Psalm 101:6-7 @ Bellingham, WA

Flipped open to a random page at some point during or after a virtual class from Om Ananda based out of Fort Collins, CO.

Psalm 101:6-7 interpreted by me, the Erin Elise Rendition

“….. the faithful exist in their own skin, with divine radical supernatural self acceptance.

The person who walks honestly, serves with that honesty.

The person who [works deceit] shall not be safe from the external world –

Is without deep, internal comfort –

And cannot simply exist in their own skin, with divine radical supernatural self acceptance.

iF you are not honest in your living –

In who you are, in what you want or don’t want.

If you say “yes” when you mean no or “no” when you mean yes, you won’t feel the beauty of being truly alive.

You won’t have the same appreciation that is possible when your eyes are open to tiny, realistic miracles. You will miss the way storylines unfold and unveil newness, perspective.”

Still working on “works deceit”. Not sure if I think it’s about profit or eagerness or active living without a truth about who you are.

Still working through what it means for “my eyes shall be on the faithful”…

Makes me want to ask Milta what she gets from this Psalm, or my Dad!

Ok – here’s the prayer:

So, God, I don’t fully know what it means for your eyes to be on me. Does it mean you will see me and reveal to me more truth? Does it mean you will bless my touch and the things I do with intention? Will you make my conversation more salty, seasoned and ready for any?

Whatever it is, I want to exist in my own skin, radically accepting ever part of myself. I believe this will help me offer that same space to others.

I invite a spirit to nudge me and remember to be still so that I can align with where I am each day. I invite a spirit to nudge me to be honest and I pray for those who may be served and who may grow, feel loved by my honesty.

I value the comfort of not being attached to this physical world. I value my emotions and the painful experiences, the hard things, and the reminder of something bigger, the perspective I get when I feel them and experience them.

I pray for my understanding of “work”, “working through” to evolve.

I am grateful for the instruction to say “yes” when I mean “yes” and “no” when I mean “no”. It makes some things so much easier to discern. And I love trusting that even if my no hurts or causes painful experience through my truth – or if my yes does – that that is the way storylines unfold.

I like the little ways I notice possibilities. And I am grateful for new perspective.

Be with the people I love in this same sentiment. That they feel empowered to live true to themselves.

See you later.


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