Lemon Curry Corn Chowder @ The Perfect Sunny Day – Bellingham

I am in the process of making what I am calling Lemon Curry Corn Chowder on one million percent the most gorgeous August day your heart can imagine. It’s about 68 degrees, perfectly sunny, and all doors open with birdsong a-go.

We have people in and out of our front yard picking up Facebook finds and Craigslist ads… it’s sad to see the kayak go, the house up here empty, etc but it’s exciting to see our petty cash bucket fill up and think about the things that we need slash want for our Webster house to take root.

Primarily a dishwasher, but – specifically a tv for David’s Saturday morning soccer – I mean football games, the lumber for our Urban Chestnut brewery inspired dining hall and two new black ceiling fans for me.

I am excited to get all the kids under one roof and be responsible for feeding them and telling them, lovingly and with big wide space for self-exploration, what to do.

I am eager to get school schedules and such together and start figuring out what that is going to look like. I am already planning a family friendly Avenger character development learning series and am thinking that I’ll do silent reading time where the readers get waited on hand and foot that flip flops with kitchen time where the young women in the making get taught basic cooking functions, how to be a generous spirit to others and how to – in general – not burn the house down. (Primarily taught by my own sharing how I leave the burner on and it drives David mad.)

The chowder is exploratory and the house smells delicious. I went to the co-op downtown Bellingham (which is in the top 5 of “Things I Will Miss”, without a doubt) and picked up $90 worth of local, organic cheese, fruits, veggies, bread and pork to make up a couple days worth of brioche french toast, chowder and oven friend pork chops.

<total side note – somebody just showed up for a deep freezer David listed for free on the internet and I should be helping but my moral compass won’t allow it – I wouldn’t have given that to Thanos. Gosh, with the Avenger lines. I can’t stop.>

Okay – so this is for sure part one of the chowder series.

Oh, the person was for the kayak. WOW. David’s fishing kayak is gone.

Chowder recipe so far:

Diced up 2 cloves of garlic, half a red pepper, 1/4 of a red onion, 1/4 yellow onion, 2 carrots and put on super low with some butter and olive oil.

Let that go while I cut up a small sweet potato. Added that in with a tablespoon of chardonnay and what looked like 2 teaspoons of yellow curry.

Stirred it up for a minute just to mix it well.

Let that go while I shaved 6 ears of corn on the cob. Mixed the shaved corn in a bowl with celery salt and a pad of room temperature butter and a tablespoon or so of seriously minced almost gone yellow onion.

that’s going now… official recipe will have to read “mix the corn in and let that simmer with a cup of water and juiced half lemon for the amount of time it takes to write a blog post and cut up the rest of the potatoes…”

More in a bit…

Sitting On the Deck @ Bellingham On the Deck 7.5.20

My thoughts today are filled with things like needing dinner plates at our house in Webster, how I can get rid of the hutch in the dining room now that I have this little laptop, cleaning the basement and getting it ready for either the drum kit or maybe work space, definitely lounge space.

Thinking about the house up here in Washington and how I am starting to know exactly how I want to redo the kitchen. How to open up this little corner that gets so cramped, how to make the space feel as big as it is, how to set it up to serve 7+ mouthfuls buffet style.

Thinking about registering Ford blood kids for school in the fall, what to plan my schedule to be like to give some 1:1 regularly to all five- see what they are learning, manage distance learning, see how they are. Which leads me to thinking about the people in St. Louis I need to call on for help, to pick up teens for coffee or have some sort of play date with our 7 year old and theirs.

I know a lot of people with 6 – 8 year olds… that feels lucky for Maddox.

I am thinking about bigger plans for both houses. Patios and my ideal laundry set up. Which prompts me to go downstairs and switch out a load of laundry. While I’m at it, I throw some comet on the shower floor to come back and scrub up in a bit.

David is in the kitchen doing the dishes from yesterday. We grilled pizzas and some ribs… some corn, too… Ah, <smiling> he is making sausage and grits too at the moment. I’m on the deck in the sunshine. Reminding myself that all of this happens one step at a time and feeling really proud of myself for sitting still.

I am thinking about this idea my sister sent me to put a “registry of things” together that is all encompassing: acts of service, things we need, etc. That might be helpful, just to even have to keep track of ourselves… Plus don’t you get a discount when you buy off your own registry?

(“Interesting”… I can hear David saying when he hears that… )

The pace here is nice and easy. Was supposed to be heading to Sacramento this evening but due to Covid, we are punting that visit to cousins for a later, more safer point in time. Plus, we got married on Friday so it feels right to not split up and – even better – we booked us both coming to STL to get Ellen and Lucy home to their dad for a bit.

David and I took the kayaks out this morning and I am actually pretty grateful today isn’t a leaving day.

David just came out to sit with me, he brought me a bowl of eggs, grits and sausage and some warmed up coffee. Going to talk with him now and see about our plans for the day. It’s absolutely gorgeous out and we are thinking about hitting up this local farm and taking the kids to hike a cove that gives you a view out into the bay, over to Canada and hopefully of some mountains since it is clear out.

That’s all for now :)