Two Ideas for Elizabeth Warren

Ok! Got my first invitation to donate yesterday – and, though I need to dig into debates that occurred when I was traveling, I am leaning towards this E. Warren chick thanks to her mighty mouth and strong resolve.

I mean. Girl can go off and I love it.

In considering the candidates and the upcoming election season, I suppose the best place to start is what is important to me.

So – as of today – here are two things.

  1. I should be able to request a download of my child’s online statistics, organized by app or website. I should be able to view a report of what my child’s digital footprint tells marketers and be as informed as the companies that are going to use their data, sell to them and persuade them in all regards. This should be simple: to access and to understand. In the spirit of media literacy, I should be able to click a button, enter my child’s IP address or Apple ID and be able to take good, next action to protect them and their privacy.
  2. I should be able to view an asterisk on a personal profile that warns me of potential danger. This should be a weighting based on a person’s access of porn sites, black web software, registry to key organizations or reports against them. This type of note should simply be able to set public settings as a writer, with a filtered exception.

We have to make the internet safer. I believe that the underlying messages on the web and in the media tie to root causes of all sorts of epidemics. I do not want to fear “what next” I want to us to cause “what’s next” and bring some peace of mind to American homes.

Thoughts, Elizabeth?


Goodnight Facebook

On the Internet
There was a link
To a groupon
And a picture of –

A young family on vacation

And there were 3 little likes
On a status of Mike’s

And 2 little pics
Of a kid turning 6

And a mafia game
And a tag of a name.

And a share and a post of a pic of a coast.
And a Facebook stalker who is on it the most.

Goodnight Internet.
Goodnight Facebook.
Goodnight friend posting on Facebook.

Goodnight check in
And the good deal groupon

Goodnight groups
Goodnight scoops

Goodnight notes
And goodnight votes

Goodnight places
And Goodnight faces

Goodnight friending
And Goodnight pending

Goodnight post
And Goodnight coast

Goodnight nobody
Goodnight boast

And Goodnight Facebook stalker who is on it the most

Goodnight blogs
Goodnight air
Goodnight people everywhere