Two Times an Impeached President

Was listening to NPR this morning and heard that the House is going to put forth one article of impeachment: stating that Trump incited the violence at the US Capitol.

I listened to my favorite liberal elite (you know, college educated / black lives matter / take care of humanity) podcast for some insight. It is also in the news that House Republicans are calling for Pelosi to not move forward with impeachment in the name of unity. Eh.

While making our smoothies this morning, I thought it through. If he is tried, and testimonies and evidence go through and show that without a doubt he incited the violence: there ya go. If he is tried and he says, “I never did that” or “I didn’t want them to do that” or whatever lies, then it’s kind of like when my kids were little and acting insane. In humor, I would say to them, “Hey little girls, where is your mother?”

They would look at me so confused. Continue acting insane in the store or at the pool… I would turn my head and squint my eyes and repeat, “I’m sorry – I feel so bad – what is your name? Where is your mother? Do you want me to call her?”

They would giggle and laugh, obviously I knew who their mother was and didn’t need to call myself. But you get it? Trump being like, “You think I told this guy to put a viking hat on and wave a Trump flag and go threaten Congress? I don’t have any kind of coddling relationship with these people.” I mean. I kind of would love to see the media take a spin (the election was rigged, overthrow the results) that was spun (I never said to overthrow the results) and spin it (Trump loves us and this is all code for…..) I mean – as a media major, their message is ALL over the place.

The GOP really needs to figure out their identity and whether or not they are Trump’s party. It is sad to me that these people involved in last week’s debacle are likely part of a demographic that is limited in their ability to pursue life, liberty and happiness for all the same reasons the “liberal left” want systemic changes. What is sad about it is that they don’t even realize they are being spoon fed rhetoric that keeps them in a mind prison. <tabling rant on media literacy>

If you eat a box of something because the label says it will make you strong, you need to pay attention to whether or not you get stronger. I just want people to realize their options and the power of their choice. Likewise, after reading an article interviewing a 50 some odd year old guy who was at the Capitol last week who lives with his dog and spends most days alone… gosh, it just made me feel sad. I wish he would realize his options and the power of choice.

Where is his community? Who is connecting with this guy? Who is allowing his heart to exercise compassion?

Every time I start thinking politically, I start to wonder about the small towns here in Missouri. About the kids in schools who are learning about “heroes” like Christopher Columbus and how racism ended with slavery. I wonder about how we connect with people to broaden their worldview. How do we get media out there that is middle ground and fair and progressive in its ability to include others?

Inclusion is the baby step, here in 2021.

Anyway, it’s Tuesday and time to clean the floors. I am so curious to see what happens with impeachment and how the media treats it. David and I turned on Fox News during the election, just to see what they are saying. You know Fox News is listed as an “Entertainment Channel”?

Pretty much says it all, doesn’t it? Stay safe out there. Don’t just eat the news.