Final Days Before Moving @ Bellingham With a Bright Sky Behind Me

I laid in bed awake last night and was going through this work puzzle and – in a dream like state – was trying to figure out the question I was going to ask to get some clarity.

Annoyed work woke me up, I decided to log time to the project for this subconscious processing, and tried to switch gears to thinking about my Amazon subscriptions and how I was going to run the most efficient household ever. Strategic Target runs… bike ride to the market for fresh fruits and veggies… double benefits as I’ll get exercise and I’m sure David will join me… still awake… still awake… I hope this doesn’t happen on the road trip, I want to be able to sleep on the caravan to STL… started counting sheep.

Our bodies seemed to be going in a side sleep / back sleep cycle. When I got to 117 with the sheep, I sighed. He spoke, “I am wide awake.”

“Me too”.

We compared early morning notes of where our minds were. For him? Time travel and why Ed Norton played the original Hulk. <head rolls back and silent laughter – the Avengers!>

We cuddled up and chatted a little bit. It was 3 am and we started daydreaming about a honeymoon. We have not had a chance to honeymoon with COVID. Such a buzz kill.

I turned on some singing bowls. I finally fell asleep. Woke up with a work dream… I had figured out the question I wanted to ask and went to a meeting in a posh foreign building. I was wearing all slim solid black designer clothes.. stiletto heels.. the people we were meeting with were patronizing and had diamond eyebrows. My boss signaled for me to just do what they said, that I was not up to it. I ignored him, sat at the table and stared this diamond eyebrowed guy right in the diamond eyebrows and said “I just may have the answer you need.”

Which is ironic given that I am the one with the question. Prophetic, perhaps.

David makes the coffee in the mornings and brought two mugs to bed for coffee time when we finally got up for good. I try to work on central time when on the west coast but am one million percent failing miserably.

We made our list this morning of things to do in the next couple of days. Gotta make a plan for the cats to travel, get the rental van I will be driving, finish packing, road trip meal planning… not gonna lie – excited about the cooler…. 

Ok. Work. Let’s see about getting the day done…

Garden Dance Party

Alternate Title: What Protects You?

I had a dream last night that I was walking into a grocery store and there was a crimson red ribbon of color above me, spanning the width of the whole path way. And as I walked, it would come under my feet and fill me with confidence, that’s when I noticed it became a red carpet. And – just like that – it would be above me again. (While also still under my feet, but without me ever tripping or getting tangled.)

Then, in my dream, I heard that this was “the blood of Jesus”.

Now – I don’t really use Christianese language to that degree (yet?) but the women at the church I have been going to totally, totally do.

(And I love it, btw)

So, I have missed the 6am prayer line for a week at this point. I have been sleeping until 6:40 which has been totally and wholly necessary. But – even so – I know the women are praying for me – as I am praying for them, as I lay in bed – aware it is prayer line time. And I know that they are praying for me and my household, specifically, to be covered in the blood of Jesus.

One of my favorite things (but also one of the most mysterious things) is when you remember your dream during a certain point in a day.

And just when I was starting to question things, just when I almost got tricked into negative thinking (by the way, there really are different degrees that your mind can trick you into negative thinking – I really need to write a whole post on that), my reality just put me back on track.

Side note – isn’t it your reality that sometimes makes you think negative? 

I point this out because it was my reality, it was the things that were happening, that curbed that and put me in positive thinking.

This, is proof of prayer working in life. 

I put on a favorite ball cap over my fresh hair cut.

A random song  came on a play list that reminded me there is something bigger than me and it – (cool thing) – happens to be in me, too.

I walked my dog in the perfect morning sun and he didn’t rip my arm off when he saw those three bunnies that live on the corner.

I felt beautiful inside and out. I felt cared for, okay, on track, ready, productive, successful, able.

I felt confident in my ability to get this back to school schedule right in the ass.

(I haven’t shared yet that BTS schedule requires me & my girl grew LEAVING the house at 6:55am, have I?)

And it was then – in this zest of a moment when I was stepping off my mowed happy watered lawn, happy because of all these things, that I remembered that red ribbon in my dream.

So – as I press on in this new season of writing regularly, taking my game up at corporate, raising teenagers, praying my dog doesn’t eat that thing that really is finally a problem, teaching – convinced that there is something bigger and it’s pulling me forward, I guess I just am sharing this idea that being rooted is one thing, but being covered is another thing.

And we need both. We ground ourselves but something else protects us.

Is this the grounding hope and the protection faith?

This is kind of blowing my mind. So I am going to think and pray more on it.

But for now –

What do you believe is protecting you?

Maybe an angel? Maybe the blood of Jesus. Maybe Kesha and Macklemore?

Just sayin’ – to me, in my very much non monk, non pastoral role of blogging here in my studio – it could be anything positive that makes you feel good.

The point is that you believe, energetically, that you have a shield that helps you stay on track and provides you confidence.

And now I am even remembering getting wigged out about work as I have not been feeling the protection on this upcoming project like I have felt on past efforts.

But that wigging has even been diminished by this notion.

Because what can hurt us, really?

“If God is for us, who can be against us?” Romans 8:31

If the universe is throwing me perfect morning dance parties and my day old coffee tastes good? I mean … that’s making it, right?

Whom then shall I fear?

Not a single person, place or thing.

Have a good one :)