Faith in Faithfulness

I think it is easiest to look at a situation we are in, identify what we want to see in our life, come up with a couple of options for how it will play out / what that chapter could look like, and then figure the future will hold one or the other. This makes [...]

The Peace that Meets Longing – My Experience of Divorce’s Heart Ache

This is my ten year old daughter, Ellen, and her biological grandmothers. My mom is on the right in the white. Both the women and the girl in this picture hold such a profound part of my heart that words just simpy don't work here. It's real love. The realist of the real. It has [...]

Heart Opening

I am overwhelmed. I think probably the only person who knows the depth of my heart ache on Thanksgiving is my niece, Aila. Who - under the stunning glow of the moonlight - in the crisp evening before a round of rain - kissed me so sweetly in astonishment of my tears. After a hug from [...]