Lemon Curry Corn Chowder: The Actual Recipe


Melt 2 Tablespoons of butter, 3 – 4 drops of liquid smoke and a couple lugs of olive oil on super low while you cut up the beginning of your base.

Mince two gloves of garlic and half of a jalapeno. Dice 1/4 red onion and 1/4 yellow onion, half a red pepper and two small carrots. Add that to the butter and oil, keep on super low so you don’t feel rushed. Stir around super good. Add a little bit of thyme so it starts to smell like you know what you’re doing.

While the base is starting up, cut up half a sweet potato and start to husk your corn.

When the corn is husked, go and add about a tablespoon of yellow curry  and the sweet potato into your base and let it mix well. Let that warm all together. It should taste really good and be encouraging. Add a little white wine if it looks at all dry. Or broth or water.

Shave the corn off the husk with a sharp knife and put it in a big bowl. Put a splash of chardonnay and a pad of butter and 2 tsp of celery salt in with the corn and mix. I was wanting the butter to coat the corn and have it somewhat evenly coated.

From there, put the corn in with the base and add a cup of water. Keep on low and preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Put a cast iron skillet with some olive oil in while it preheats.


With the oven preheating, cut up 2 yukon gold potatoes and 3 – 5 smaller red potatoes. I just kept cutting till they were bite sized. I’m sure professionals have a word for this. Toss those with 2 – 4 tsp thyme,  1 tsp of cinnamon and a little liquid smoke, a splash of wine or oil, some lemon juice, and coat them.

Once the oven is preheated, your base is still on low, put the potatoes in the skillet. Roast them until they are some what cooked and some are brown. The salt in your chowder will come from the potatoes so salt generously to aide in their roasting and flavor the chowder.

I was tempted to go longer and fully roast, but wasn’t sure about that in the chowder. Looking back, it probably would have been even more delicious to do so. Feel free to try that and let me know how it goes.

Once the potatoes are cooked up, add 3 cups of broth (veg or chicken) and 1 cup of white wine to the base, add the potatoes to the base, squeeze a half of lemon into the base and bring to a bowl. Lid it and let it simmer for 10 – 20.

Do a couple of taste tests by dipping some favorite bread in the chowder. Season more or less to taste.. curry, cinnamon, salt, thyme, whatever you want more of… Let it simmer for 10 once you have the blend you want.

When you’re ready to serve it, take half and half (or cream cheese would work) and stir it in until it is as creamy as you’d like. I could have gone creamier, but wanted it to be a little on the lighter side. We garnished with some sliced jalapenos.

Just thought it would be so cool if my daughters made this someday :) who knows.



Sun Kissed and Accomplished (AKA LCCC Part 3) @ The Part of the Couch I Never Sit On – Bellingham

The chowder was a success. I am happy to say, it was 6 hours of love and attention well worth it. “Out of this world, delicious” was what David just offered as a way to describe the chowder.

Thinking back to the earliest parts of the base, I put two drops of liquid smoke in with the olive oil and butter. I think that had something to do with it. The curry sweetness balanced with the most delicate half a minced jalapeno and fresh thyme. I used this pretentious half and half toward the end. After the potatoes and base got along just fine, I brought it all to boil and simmered for a solid twenty before letting it sit back down so I could stir in the cream.

We ate it with lemony oven friend pork chops. Nothing special there but they were *good*. I have been craving pork chops for awhile – and I think it is the lemony crunch that happens when you cook them up just right that I was really hoping for…

We digested a bit and then went over to the park. I sat and worked on some fiction writing while David walked with two of our girls around “the duck pond”. Kara, our 11 year old, came and found me and I ran ideas by her – we got excited about creepy shop keepers and lost keys and alternate realities – I wrote a little more, called our 12 year old Lucy and low and behold we landed on the name of the main character. A working way to refer to her, at least.

It’s almost 7:30pm and I have done nothing but cook and write and support our family with selling things on Facebook all day. It feels good. I am so glad for this day – that it was so beautiful and real jobs didn’t take our focus. I am grateful for time to write and for David playing the guitar while the sun starts to get low behind him.

I am grateful for the chowder and for lemons and for local cream sold in thick glass bottles. I am grateful for expensive pork chops cut from pigs who learned how to watercolor first and for the experimental self discovery that occurs when you cook and create. There is really simply nothing like it.

Maybe music and writing are similar, actually. The common denominator for me in all three is how excited I get to share. :)

Kara was impressed I did not scare the ducks away
Dinner – although I feel like this picture doesn’t do it justice