Prayer Life

I cried at work yesterday. Heavy sighs. Mental block. Exhaustion. In hindsight, though it was in the privacy of my basement studio, it was a childish reaction. I'm sitting on my front steps. I moved a wreath of dried herbs and flowers to the hook on my 100 year old front door and it looks [...]

What It’s Like to Be Married @ Last Day in Bellingham w/ All 5 Kids 7.10.20

When people say "pretty much the same" in response to the question "how is married life?" or "what is it like to be married?" I understand what that means. For me, however, I am married (for the second time in my life) and my answer to this question is really super freaking simple: Good. It's [...]

Unapologetically Present – 7.2 @ Bellingham… in bed.

I wanted to be a meteorologist for quite a portion of my childhood life until I learned that they did not get to pick the weather. Though I expected there had to be some ratio of rainy days to sunny days, that I was going to have to pick "freezing" one day just because, I [...]