Yoga Underground Offerings

When a person is seeking healing for themselves, I follow my model of “Exchange of Gifts”. However, in today’s society – let’s face it, sometimes you want to be able to take care of something and money is the way to do it. Here is the way I operate to meet both modern thinking and my approach to what I feel called to offer the general public.

Personal Rest Sessions: One Hour

In a Personal Rest Session, you will come to my home or me to yours (or hospital room, in such case) and I will have a plan for our time based on what I know of your spiritual, emotional or physical needs. In a Rest Session, you can expect to be prayed over and experience time of dedicated love and compassion. Using props, you will be offered restorative yoga postures chosen for you and your needs in mind. Touch is a big part of my restorative offering and you can expect to experience modifications and touch as intuitively led by the spirit.

When desired for YOU, Personal Rest Sessions follow the Exchange of Gifts model and book up quickly as I only offer 4 one hour sessions a month.

Want to give a Rest Session to another person? Please see Giving of Gifts

Spiritual Perspective & Prayer Coaching: 30 Minutes

In a Perspective & Prayer Coaching Session, we will meet at an agreed upon location for conversation. I will have some insight into your situation ahead of time and will have asked the Lord to help me speak to you in your season. It is best for you to bring a journal or notebook as you can expect our conversation to be rich with scripture, reading, song and thoughts that are put on my heart for you.

Spiritual Perspective & Prayer Coaching sessions follow Giving of Gifts model. Scheduling is flexible but I do request a day notice in order for me to have at least one meditation or prayer where I can prepare my heart for our time.