Woman Hero of the Hour

This is Julie Johnson – 18879732_1454908594532280_6028102714376847360_acurator of photos, lover of all things existential (maybe? she would probably correct me on that – and then laugh – and drink her coffee and then go on saying interesting things about being a human, Jesus, why trauma matters and how to inform yourself and heal and go within but yet do life).

You get the picture.

Julie is Woman Hero of the Hour because she Champions WOMEN. She props. She stands up. She sees you and she says “that’s awesome”.

Nod if you know Julie. She says “that’s awesome” maybe every ten words.

Or thoughts.

Or So.

Doesn’t really matter. Because her bad ass crew is rocking hot pink cow boy boots. Think I am describing Shyla? Wrong. She is doing whatever is on her mind that day. Asher is the one in the boots.

Because – why not.

That’s her motherhood, her womanhood, her sisterhood and her humanness motto.

Julie’s Insta can be found here. She has all sorts of links but I’ll let her social media tell you the rest of her story.