5.4 Prayer based on Psalm 101:6-7 @ Bellingham, WA

Flipped open to a random page at some point during or after a virtual class from Om Ananda based out of Fort Collins, CO. Psalm 101:6-7 interpreted by me, the Erin Elise Rendition “..... the faithful exist in their own skin, with divine radical supernatural self acceptance. The person who walks honestly, serves with that [...]

5.3 the smell of this house reminds me of summer @ Bellingham, WA

I hear my future husband tuning his guitar. When I started this post, I was about to get in the shower after a breezy drive through Idaho (never been, beautiful and other worldly, my God), into and up Washington, landing in 63 degree sunshine. I felt my honey’s battery change to having a little lightning [...]

5.3 – The Evolution de la Cooler @ Somewhere in Idaho

I’ll be honest - I am quite proud of my ability to quickly sort and make up a cooler bag like a puzzle that will provide for an efficient on the road food service. Matter of fact, not only am I proud of it - I *enjoy it thoroughly*. I’ll think about what I’m going [...]