Secure COVID Approach Idea

It has been a minute since I wrote in "Local Press". Was listening to NPR this morning and lots of news about states' varying COVID approaches to distributing vaccinations. Afterward, when sitting down for the morning to write, I found myself reflecting on what I would like in regards to COVID Testing and Vaccinations. As [...]

A Whole Hour @ My Desk By the Teal Wall

I packed a backpack yesterday. I love my winter bag, with its beads and detail but the reality of 7 round trips to schools not only put some snags in the bag's future but the time in the car meant - well, that I needed some gear. I started writing a devotion series this week. [...]

Spiraling Into Control @ Home. :)

My life is, as it seems, spiraling into control. I realized that this morning, watching The Flight Attendant. I got up from the couch where I was eating a plate of breakfast hash. I felt it was time to sit and pull a post together. Before opening up a blank page, I took a look [...]