5.6 Yoga Reflection @ My Bedroom Floor

Dedicated to Julie, Jackie and Emily. As a people person, I relish in connection. When my invitations to dinner bring people around the same table for the first time, yes. When I think it is the first time and I hear "no, actually - we met before at that thing - at that party - [...]

The Yamas. An introduction to yoga ethics with a spiritual twist of lime.

The most important part of this lesson is that you know I speak only from an equal place of experience. I'm 35, almost 36. I have kids. I have been married. I have had an emotional affair. I have experienced debt, grief, fear, pain. And I have experienced healing, freedom, peacefulness and truth. So... I'd [...]

I’m a yoga teacher. This is yoga.

Four years ago, my marriage was falling apart. My neighbor, Laurie Solet, asked me if I wanted to go to a 6 week series on the different asana families (backbends, inversions, etc) at a nearby yoga studio. I ended up taking the series twice in a row. I still have my notebook from that time [...]