5.4 Prayer based on Psalm 101:6-7 @ Bellingham, WA

Flipped open to a random page at some point during or after a virtual class from Om Ananda based out of Fort Collins, CO. Psalm 101:6-7 interpreted by me, the Erin Elise Rendition “..... the faithful exist in their own skin, with divine radical supernatural self acceptance. The person who walks honestly, serves with that [...]

Showing Up Prayer

Empower and motivate us to show up - for our spirituality, with our gifts and for our community. Creatively - practically - financially - help us show up.. for the world - for justice - in small ways (looking another straight in the eye) to big, bold statements - politically - motivate us to show [...]

Garden Dance Party

Alternate Title: What Protects You? I had a dream last night that I was walking into a grocery store and there was a crimson red ribbon of color above me, spanning the width of the whole path way. And as I walked, it would come under my feet and fill me with confidence, that's when [...]