The More I Sit Here @ Deck Again on a Good Hair Day – Bellingham

The only thing about the house here in Washington that is like a thing is that we are up high and can look over and down onto our neighbor's backyard. Gordina - a house back and over - has a lovely garden with an enviable rosemary bush raised up in the pnw sun and veggies [...]

An Answer to a Prayer @ one of those moments 7.19

Just when I think maybe I don't pray enough anymore, that I'm not actively communicating to the greater good what my thoughts are and where my heart is, so maybe now this time I have to sort through on my own, God grants me a thunderstorm. It's near 8 o'clock, I'm in bed with my [...]

5.4 Prayer based on Psalm 101:6-7 @ Bellingham, WA

Flipped open to a random page at some point during or after a virtual class from Om Ananda based out of Fort Collins, CO. Psalm 101:6-7 interpreted by me, the Erin Elise Rendition “..... the faithful exist in their own skin, with divine radical supernatural self acceptance. The person who walks honestly, serves with that [...]