This post is about drinking alcohol and also kind of about self control.

Part of the reason I am up writing this is because the alcohol in the giant... wait. Not giant. Monster. ...the monster margarita that was served to me is metabolizing. And so now, I am awake. But I am also aware of the continuity of the daily blog and the point of telling a story, [...]

May Current. My Tide of Wondering.

Waiting for a flow waiting for a flow (Three Days Later) I wonder sometimes if I will always remember this season of my life. Mugs of coffee, walking Ranger in my North Webster neighborhood where there is both litter and progress on the streets, family and friends nearby. I wonder if the feeling I have [...]

Church Women

This is my now fifth attempt to start and write  this blog post and I seriously know I just need to sleep. But it's there... it is right there on the tips of my fingers. And I have got to spit. it. out. Church women. I wasn't even going to write tonight but as I [...]