Aha! The Inner Compass. :)

At work today, I was saying hi to a colleague who I love and have grown close with over the years (who also happens to read my blog ... HI!! :) and she, in discussing my writing, asked me if I was trying to tell her I was an alcoholic in my last blog post. [...]

This post is about drinking alcohol and also kind of about self control.

Part of the reason I am up writing this is because the alcohol in the giant... wait. Not giant. Monster. ...the monster margarita that was served to me is metabolizing. And so now, I am awake. But I am also aware of the continuity of the daily blog and the point of telling a story, [...]

Aces, Trust & Remedied Lilies

UB40 is playing on my "Three Little Birds" Pandora Station and the mildly annoying chatter of two teenagers and my sweet Lucy rattles and laughs against the clank of dishes and commands of dogs (<< plural for poetic effect, though I am so preparing my heart for the right puppy number 2) from the kitchen. Ranger [...]