Someday I’ll Be Old.

I took this picture during church this morning. It was such a specific thing to see: Lucy's soon to be 8 year old hand resting on my soon to be 35 year old palm. I have thought throughout the day - throughout lacing up her boots - throughout sledding with her in my lap - [...]

The Peace that Meets Longing – My Experience of Divorce’s Heart Ache

This is my ten year old daughter, Ellen, and her biological grandmothers. My mom is on the right in the white. Both the women and the girl in this picture hold such a profound part of my heart that words just simpy don't work here. It's real love. The realist of the real. It has [...]

Swimming in the Dark

There is a sink full of warm water and mostly clean dishes in my kitchen. I was washing those same dishes last night when I took a phone call (my older sister Emily calling me back) - talked for an hour - then went off to do a bit of reading before falling asleep. The [...]