5.5.20 – Rock Hunting and Reflection @ Whatcom Falls Park

Yesterday, for home school, I took Kara and Maddox across to Whatcom Falls Park. Just to walk, try to find the baby ducks we saw the other day, and to hunt for both yellow and fuzzy dandelions. For Kara to practice making a Daisy Crown and for Maddox to “wish Coronavirus goes away tomorrow”. As [...]

San Fran, CA – 2019 (SFO)

Have you seen Ellen lately? This is her back in June - perfectly packed - at ease on our BART commute to Union Square for a 46 hour stint in San Francisco. This picture is so rich to me. And perhaps I am reflecting on her because I have been in her room doing some [...]

I AM THE GOOSE (original)

AUGUST 3, 2019BY ERIN Context:   Allow me to build on my sentiment, "I legit expect my kids to follow me following the goose"... In my earliest year as a mother (age: 23), I remember turning my infant’s life over to the greater connected protection of the universe, The Big Love. I sat, uneasy in the [...]