Two Times an Impeached President

Was listening to NPR this morning and heard that the House is going to put forth one article of impeachment: stating that Trump incited the violence at the US Capitol.

I listened to my favorite liberal elite (you know, college educated / black lives matter / take care of humanity) podcast for some insight. It is also in the news that House Republicans are calling for Pelosi to not move forward with impeachment in the name of unity. Eh.

While making our smoothies this morning, I thought it through. If he is tried, and testimonies and evidence go through and show that without a doubt he incited the violence: there ya go. If he is tried and he says, “I never did that” or “I didn’t want them to do that” or whatever lies, then it’s kind of like when my kids were little and acting insane. In humor, I would say to them, “Hey little girls, where is your mother?”

They would look at me so confused. Continue acting insane in the store or at the pool… I would turn my head and squint my eyes and repeat, “I’m sorry – I feel so bad – what is your name? Where is your mother? Do you want me to call her?”

They would giggle and laugh, obviously I knew who their mother was and didn’t need to call myself. But you get it? Trump being like, “You think I told this guy to put a viking hat on and wave a Trump flag and go threaten Congress? I don’t have any kind of coddling relationship with these people.” I mean. I kind of would love to see the media take a spin (the election was rigged, overthrow the results) that was spun (I never said to overthrow the results) and spin it (Trump loves us and this is all code for…..) I mean – as a media major, their message is ALL over the place.

The GOP really needs to figure out their identity and whether or not they are Trump’s party. It is sad to me that these people involved in last week’s debacle are likely part of a demographic that is limited in their ability to pursue life, liberty and happiness for all the same reasons the “liberal left” want systemic changes. What is sad about it is that they don’t even realize they are being spoon fed rhetoric that keeps them in a mind prison. <tabling rant on media literacy>

If you eat a box of something because the label says it will make you strong, you need to pay attention to whether or not you get stronger. I just want people to realize their options and the power of their choice. Likewise, after reading an article interviewing a 50 some odd year old guy who was at the Capitol last week who lives with his dog and spends most days alone… gosh, it just made me feel sad. I wish he would realize his options and the power of choice.

Where is his community? Who is connecting with this guy? Who is allowing his heart to exercise compassion?

Every time I start thinking politically, I start to wonder about the small towns here in Missouri. About the kids in schools who are learning about “heroes” like Christopher Columbus and how racism ended with slavery. I wonder about how we connect with people to broaden their worldview. How do we get media out there that is middle ground and fair and progressive in its ability to include others?

Inclusion is the baby step, here in 2021.

Anyway, it’s Tuesday and time to clean the floors. I am so curious to see what happens with impeachment and how the media treats it. David and I turned on Fox News during the election, just to see what they are saying. You know Fox News is listed as an “Entertainment Channel”?

Pretty much says it all, doesn’t it? Stay safe out there. Don’t just eat the news.

Secure COVID Approach Idea

It has been a minute since I wrote in “Local Press”.

Was listening to NPR this morning and lots of news about states’ varying COVID approaches to distributing vaccinations. Afterward, when sitting down for the morning to write, I found myself reflecting on what I would like in regards to COVID Testing and Vaccinations.

As a citizen, it is easy to feel at the mercy of the man, at the mercy of a wise leader. And, to a certain extent we are. But when that position hears options as the only options and doesn’t sit and think and speak for what is good for them, their family and their community? Eh…. that’s why I started Local Press. As some sort of entry way into saying what I think about things that matter to everybody.

COVID Testing: I don’t have limitless funds like Kim Kardashian but I do have a similar need: to register a group of family and friends for coordinated testing and quarantined travel in order to celebrate life events. It’s an amazing thing she did for people with her executive coordination and communication abilities. So, how about this?

I can submit a family and friend application for Coordinated Testing and Travel. There is an agency, of real people, who see me and my crew through the end. All parties take responsibility and are liable should they misstep the terms and conditions. With this approach, I can celebrate my wedding, I can hug my mother, I can launch something for my small business. Seems great, right?

COVID Vaccination: It seems odd to me, in the news, that vaccinations – which require two doses – are just popping up here and there. Some states good, some states not good. Concerns about maintaining the temperature, coordinating the second dose, and prioritizing frontline, at risk, the rest of us seems – logistically – like quite the puzzle. So, how about this?

I can submit an application for vaccinated pod. I can be a group of nurses, a group of Shipt workers, a group of Uber Drivers, a group of flight attendants, a group of teachers, a group of administrators, a group of any known people who need to be mobile together in the public for the betterment of all we are getting used to. Restaurant workers, bartenders, waitresses, actresses, musicians, entertainers – they can submit as well. There should be some sort of notation of these things that you received in your taxes, and you should be rewarded if you are in a public service role or education because, my GOD, have you had a year. If you have more than 2 children in your household who were virtual for fucking *any amount of time* while you had to work at home, you should get a tax credit of $5k that is a deposit into a vacation savings amount good for Universal, Disney, Six Flags and Hotel, etc. Cities should be *all over this* and investing in infastructure that can handle a safe and happy FLOW for tourist season.

I am a born traveler. I have traveled my whole life. I have slept since August under the same four corners. I either need to start camping or painting to change things up. I look forward to moving about the country (hopefully the world) when the time comes.

These are just a couple of ideas to get society there.

Stay safe out there and UNDERSTAND the news, don’t just read it. erin

This has been an entry of Local Press: a type of post I do from time to time where I offer a flow of thoughts on the news and what’s happening without editing or spinning or thinking too much about it. From time to time, I learn rapidly and humbly after posting. For that, I encourage private feedback on the ideas. If you like it and want to talk more about it, this is the way to do it as well. In general, I get a lot of encouragement to share ideas with the world so…. here ya go.

So Sick and Tired @ Front Steps in the Sun

My belly has been in knots lately and I know it is because I am back to regularly consuming news media.

I have also recently been exposed to first hand Trump thinking via several people in my immediate orbit and it honestly makes me want to cry.

I am so sick and tired of the evolution of our society being at the mercy of “dems” or “republicans”.

I am so sick and tired of elected officials obviously not understanding the dictionary definition of “public” or “servant” in regards to their role.

I am so sick and tired of narrow minded views trying to cast a lens on the whole of society.

I am so sick and tired of watching my neighbors work upwards to 3 or 4 jobs and have to pay $8 to cash a check at Wal Mart.

I am so sick and tired of fees and charges being passed on to entrepreneurs for services to launch their small business. Services of which the founders are in the top 1%.

I am so sick and tired of fees and charges being passed on to people doing the right thing and ordering groceries through Amazon to avoid risking their health due to a global pandemic when the founder of Amazon is in the top 1% and could care for their delivery personnel easily.

I am so sick and tired of women’s reproductive rights being summed up to “abortion”. Period.

I am so sick and tired of people being ignorant to the fact that our country and ways of living are largely built on racist principles. Facts that you cannot ignore or spin.

I am so sick and tired of people justifying murders because of what the murderer was wearing. I am so sick and tired of people thinking all lives matter when only black lives were enslaved in America, only black lives were discriminated against in America, only black lives were taken, limited and scrutinized. Get over it. GOD. Get over American ideals of pursuing the dream being accessible for everybody when they simply were. not. Were not. Are not. Oh that one really gets me.

I am so sick and tired of being the wealthiest nation in the world and believing you really can make it in America yet being afraid of pursuing my own dream because my corporate job gives me health care.

I am so sick and tired of the middle class not having free and informed tax consultation. I am sick of not seeing the whole of my tax dollars. I am sick of loopholes. And I am tired of our President.

I am so sick and tired of the media not having accountability and the Associated Press not offering fact accuracy percentages on mainstream media articles. I am tired of media not being required to denote what are facts and what is opinion. I am tired of misinformation in advertising.

I am so sick and out right tired of the lack of community revolutions in order to change the country from ground up.

I am so over it. I am over all of it. I am tired of knowing immigrant families who work back to back and pay their taxes and be scrutinized.

I am so sick and tired of people thinking that because they believe homosexuality is wrong or who subscribe to their assigned gender that people who are homosexual or gender fluid *do not deserve the same rights*. ARE YOU KIDDING ME.

So much of right wing propaganda is on par with a statement like “because we don’t like peanuts, we do not offer grocery stores”. I am so sick and tired of living in a society where people do not even know they are slaves to media and marketing.

I am so tired of people being media illiterate and not knowing how to question the news.

I am so tired of people not being able to focus and be fully present on the real and painful realities in their own lives because they are afraid and preoccupied with the people governing and their incompetencies to serve the public.

I am so sick and tired of single use plastics. I am tired of the lack of choice in recycling. I am tired of fast fashion and the cotton wars. I am tired of how much people consume. I am tired with how much people throw away. I am tired of major leaders in industries not realizing that innovation should not be only about the middle and upper class but about interconnectivity and opening doors.

I am tired of all of it. I am tired of poison in our water and in our food. I am tired of how advertisements reflect my digital profile. I am tired of my data being used and sold. I am tired of nobody informing the public on how this works. I am tired of small seemingly insignificant tweaks to make life better for the whole of America be overlooked for profits.

I am tired knowing that mental health is misunderstood and that holidays are about spending and not resting. I am tired of the grind people go through to do something they are programmed to do.

I am tired of the people who don’t understand their vote for Trump keeps so many oppressed. I am tired of people who don’t see what Mitch McConnell is doing as disgusting. I am tired of hearing that liberals are ridiculous and naive and stupid when a progressive agenda is actually moderate and on par with the rest of the modernized world.

I am tired of people ignoring human trafficking, connecting the dots between homelessness and the opioid crisis, and continuing to sexualize women and exploit feminine beauty. I am tired of people excusing the President for his misbehavior and for their double standards of what they expect from the men in their homes and in their lives from what they expect from the highest office in the land.

I am tired of the women who do not expect more from the men in their homes and in their lives not realizing they should.

I am tired of protests not hitting our country’s biggest wallets where it hurts. I am tired of business as usual when we have serious work to do. I am so sick and tired of the moderate white woman who doesn’t influence with her dollars. I am tired of the chardonnay white woman who doesn’t even realize the world needs her. I am tired of the educated being ignorant and the ones with the best views being blind.

I am tired of white middle class or white rural people not realizing the benefits of the democratic platform are *for them too*. I am tired of the lack of diversity in news media.

I am tired of everybody being so opinionated based on click bait and news bytes and holding tight to that rhetoric and never sitting with a person at a bus stop, never mourning with a family when their black son was killed, never looking into the reality of what is going on at the border, never sitting with the command to love the foreigner, never sitting with the command to love your neighbor – not even seeing all of the diversity in America AS their neighbors.

I am tired of white people thinking America looks just like them and missing the bigger picture. I am tired of not feeling proud of our country. I am tired of things that should be in place and well-running being debatable, back and forth and unfinished.

I am tired of seeing the poor and the weary giving up. I am tired of the NRA, big pharma, wall street and every other organization holding the health and safety and well being of America hostage.

The current day Republicans have shown nothing to say to me they will help me stop being sick and tired of any of these things. Fox News Republicans are an irrelevant cancer.

I think that will do it. I just had to get it off my chest.