Lemon Curry Corn Chowder Part 2 @ On the Deck Now – Bellingham

David just got back from a quick run up to Twin Sisters Brewery. Twin Sisters is not in the top 5 of things I will miss, but top 10 for sure. It has first date spot from my first trip up here plus where I fell in love with malty-beer vibes.. There is this famous [...]

Lemon Curry Corn Chowder @ The Perfect Sunny Day – Bellingham

I am in the process of making what I am calling Lemon Curry Corn Chowder on one million percent the most gorgeous August day your heart can imagine. It's about 68 degrees, perfectly sunny, and all doors open with birdsong a-go. We have people in and out of our front yard picking up Facebook finds [...]

“Rice to Beet Blue” @ Thinking About a Salad I made – Kitchen Table, Bellingham

Made a salad yesterday and it is for real "a keeper". Sharing because sharing is caring and you'll really love it, I promise. Start with making a little rice base. I used brown rice and cooked the rice in a combo of water and pineapple juice and threw in a vegetable boullion cube for fun. [...]