Amtrak Slogans

When the Amtrak station attendant announced that our train from Chicago to Saint Louis was delayed for “an undeterminable amount of time”, my sister and I put our best thought forward and came up with the following slogans:

1. Amtrak: Testing people’s patience for years

2. Amtrak: (sigh) Nevermind

3. Amtrak: It’s easier with magnets

4. Amtrak: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

5. Amtrak: Making up our own rules all day long

6. Amtrak: Perhaps they should have trained us

7. Amtrak: Feel free to add a “D” to the beginning

8. Amtrak: Making airfare worth it.

9. Amtrak: Proudly spreading communicable diseases

10. Amtrak: We hate us too

11. Amtrak: That’s what’s supposed to happen

12. Amtrak: We are also confused

13. Amtrak: This is why we let you get drunk

14. Amtrak: Good Luck

15. Amtrak: Hey, what’s up? No, seriously, how ya doing?

16. Amtrak: “Oopsies”

17. Amtrak: We get there eventually

(PS: I actually love riding the train – here is a link to Amtrak’s media!)

Goodnight Facebook

On the Internet
There was a link
To a groupon
And a picture of –

A young family on vacation

And there were 3 little likes
On a status of Mike’s

And 2 little pics
Of a kid turning 6

And a mafia game
And a tag of a name.

And a share and a post of a pic of a coast.
And a Facebook stalker who is on it the most.

Goodnight Internet.
Goodnight Facebook.
Goodnight friend posting on Facebook.

Goodnight check in
And the good deal groupon

Goodnight groups
Goodnight scoops

Goodnight notes
And goodnight votes

Goodnight places
And Goodnight faces

Goodnight friending
And Goodnight pending

Goodnight post
And Goodnight coast

Goodnight nobody
Goodnight boast

And Goodnight Facebook stalker who is on it the most

Goodnight blogs
Goodnight air
Goodnight people everywhere