Nice Wide Turns @ David’s Office in Bellingham 8.4.20

Feeling compelled to write current thoughts after a lunch break comprised of kundalini yoga for the hips & a piece of sea salt caramel dark chocolate. One of the main themes in my personal evolution is letting go of the need to address change in others. There are things I want our kids to learn [...]

Erin OS @ Making a Checklist 7.21.20

I have had a really productive two days at work. I am alert, making quick connections and moving things forward. I am getting hours worth of work done in 5 minute sprints, I am relaxing in between, and I am getting my footing on things that have long been a wash. I am also purging [...]

Becoming a Stepmom @ the middle of sorting bins Webster 7.18

Been writing and processing the words “my husband” more than “being a wife” in recent weeks. Reason for that is actually super clear to me. I became a wife before I met David. In the 7 years I was divorced or maybe 8, I became a woman who trusted herself, who learned to listen, who [...]