In 1995, I captured my life in an 8th grade autobiography and titled it “Frozen Spaghetti”. As time would tell, the title had a lot to do with my mother’s homemade resourcefulness. Raising a big family in Saint Louis, MO, USA with my piano pounding traveling preacher dad required ingenuity in how she forged community and planned frozen meals to use on busy nights.

Frozen Spaghetti continues to be where I track my own resourcefulness, motherhood, and community life. All in the spirit of “present moment processing”.

In November 2020, I “retired from corporate life”, deciding to gracefully bow out of ladder climbing, in order to establish a garden, perfect a pie crust, raise my 5 kids (2 bio / 3 step) and write, sing, draw, create.

From 2021 – 2023, I will be self-publishing 10 books (all content I have written over the course of my life thus far) in one full committed sweep to being creative and creative only. I am diving deep into living in my comfort zone: outside of the box.

I know the ability to do so is a luxury into today’s raging pulse of a machine. I hope my zane and offerings give you a little joy… maybe a little love and for sure some fun.

Please follow along at appletreemagic.com and let’s celebrate December 2023 when the 10th book goes to the printer!



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Self Publishing Journey Complete