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  • now in the market for a digital camera: an old school blog

    maybe it is because i am thoroughly immersed in season 7 of gilmore girls, which i am watching through for the first time. maybe the security of good love. maybe the winds of change, the adventure in the air, the travel plans. sigh. but regardless of anything else, here i am at the laptop hoping […]

  • Out from a Whole Layer of Saran Wrap

    When I decided to retire from corporate life back last fall 2020, there were so many obvious factors (COVID, New Marriage, Blended Family, 5 Kids, Virtual School, etc) that I didn’t ever really get pushed on the personal. For a couple of mentors and close colleagues, I would offer “I need to peel the saran […]

  • In a Pear Tree

    When I stop and let myself think about it, life is going really fast. A lot has changed, I have learned a lot and there is plenty to do – every day – from dawn to dusk. I stopped my posting streak to contemplate the art of the quick publish blog vs. the complete thought. […]