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  • here we are, day four. an official record.

    I am writing outside this morning – a Tuesday, on the week of a full moon. (in Aquarius, for those interested). The pot of geraniums to my left reminds me to focus and the puppies are inside, if they freak out – I will hear them. If they are wrestling, I will not. They have […]

  • hello, monday: a real life realization

    The one dog (it is the blonde one, this time I am sure) gives off a “I thought I was really important to you” quip from the laundry room, where they have been put up for a morning chill. The laundry is running and it is officially 9:15 (an “anchor time” as I refer to […]

  • welcome back to the blog, take two

    So the puppies are just shy of 6 months old which means time with them is like the 10 year old coming of age: full of embracing curiosities, sealing ambition and confidence and – of course – having a ton of fun. I see a dog’s mentality as a human one in the following regard: […]