Today: the back seat. Tomorrow: the world.

My coffee has been served and the girls sit next to me, coloring in hot dogs on the children’s menus they offer here at Manhattan Cafe. I like this place. It’s simple, clean, and classic in all the right ways.

We are stopping for lunch as a part between church, home, and laundromat. I’m hoping some food can cure a little edginess. The girls tried to get out of doing laundry (of which there is a lot), I’m anticipating a busy week of work and coming off a crazy one, aaand in a few hours they will go to their dad’s for the week. 

Transition days always have the potential to screw with one of our heads.

On the way over, I glanced at Lucy in the back seat. Sitting just as in the picture. Her style and body language oozed worldly confidence and a spiritual pulse while the booster grounded her in the reality of seven. She is vibrant. She is young.

It’s quite the combination when our energy and vision meet our restrictions and life. How close we come to breaking through largely depends (I believe) on the authenticity with which we come to the barrier and the truth we hold in our hearts. 

My daughter will someday drive. One foot on the pedal, hands at ten and two – but for now she brings her her-ness to her present moment. Which happens to be in the back seat; trusting me to take her to the right place.

As witness to her personality and position today – I can attest this is a responsibility I take on with great prayer and faithfulness, in great love and anticipatory joy.

 xo have a great Sunday, erin

Saturday Afternoon Post

 It took me a long time to realize love is not longing. Sure, you may long for that which you love. But love and longing are not exact interchangeable words.

The world of love and the world of longing are actually quite different. And as I sit here on a pool deck chair – watching my daughters wrap up a party – I understand this concept even more thanks to the overcasting light made of the clouds, the sun, and the August.

Closing my eyes, I can feel my mind relax.

I can sense a knowing related to people who once lived on this earth who are memorialized through the charms on my necklace. This meaning has me thinking of an old friend.

A friend who was one of my favorites. 

And in the same second I start to miss; I switch my mind to appreciation for their they-ness.

Ahh <and the deep thoughts pause while Lucy feeds me a pretzel covered in honey mustard>

I don’t know, people. But I think there is something here. Something to remind us all that we are human for a little bit and soulful forever. 

There is a lot of peace available when you sit in the sun and acknowledge these little bits that come and go. These little feelings that hint at us – make us feel all those different little ways that (if not acknowledged) may grow into something deeper.

I think I understand the still pastures and gentle streams in the Bible and why we should partake in these parts of life. 

Because they balance us. 

They are the stillness of the mind and the refreshment of the soul we need when the life stuff happens and we grieve and change and get over. When we get excited and jump all over the place and crash. 

They are the love we need when we are


Problem solving

Digitally fried


I just think..

Love is a lot more fun than longing. 

Namaste. :) I hope this made sense.


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